It Is Time To Turn The Lights Of The Twin Towers Back On

The time has come to honestly evaluate the feasibility and rewards of erecting new Twin Towers. It is time to question the notion that one tower in the place of two could be called a bold recovery. The "10AM skyline" doesn't have to be permanent. The team of dreamers that built the original towers showed us that even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome.

The Twin Towers glittered with the magic of an optimistic time when we faced our problems head on. Re-pairing the skyline would reverse the world's downward spiral. The resurrected World Trade Center would become the ultimate focal point on Earth for healing, progress, and good will. Could there be a better memorial? Could there be a better time?

Someday, future generations will see the Twin Towers as mythic, either because they once stood tall, were destroyed by blind hatred, and were then forsaken by a timid people – or, because they will be standing even taller, having been destroyed by blind hatred and then, at last, rescued by a heroic nation. The time has come to put the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center back where they belong! Are we up to the challenge? Or are we in permanent decline?


It Is NOT Too Late To Do The Right Thing — And Do The Thing Right

Click on "THE PETITION" tab above to join the thousands who agree that there is only one way
to truly heal the skyline of Manhattan and the heart of America: Rebuild the Twin Towers.

The words of our petition ring as true now as they did in 2006. And the thousands of comments that have been left since we first posted it are just a glimpse into how much people have always cared about rebuilding the World Trade Center in a way that would honor the will of the people and the terrible price this country and world paid on 9/11.

Now, even though a third tower has joined the first two, the WTC skyline doesn't come close to the awe-inspiring vision of the towers we lost. We trust that time will take care of rebuilding the Twin Towers. From their inception, they were dedicated to world peace and cooperation in ways that no other commercial structure ever was. And, they came to represent the aspirations of millions of people as no other towers ever could. They should not have been abandoned.

The Twin Towers lent the lower Manhattan skyline a two-thumbs-up optimism
no single structure can replicate.
— Steve Cuozzo | New York Post

The towers did wonderful things in the light. They did not glare, like glass, but they did not
absorb all the light either, the way stone or brick buildings often do. They reflected it back,
softly, with a gentleness that belied their size.
— Paul Goldberger | Architecture Critic

I loved the World Trade Center towers. I have worked in their shadow for almost 25 years.
I came to see them the way I saw the Statue of Liberty. At night, in the fall, as I noted earlier,
when they and all the rest of Manhattan's buildings were alight against a dark sky, the World
Trade Center's towers were just joyous. They shouted out on behalf of everyone in this city,
where everyone seems to take pride in working long, hard hours. No matter what, those
long, hard, silver towers were always there...
— Daniel Henninger | Wall Street Journal


Written in 2007, nothing we have posted since has come closer to explaining what is at the heart of the Twin Towers.


The Merriam-Webster definition of the word swindle is "to obtain money or property by fraud or deceit." Using that term to describe the rebuilding process is not hyperbole. It is an accurate description of what took place. There is a great deal of evidence that substantiates that claim. The purpose of this site is not to tarnish the existing WTC. The purpose of this site is to look with "fresh eyes" on assumptions that are blocking a World Trade Center that could still become a far greater tribute to the sacrifice and valor of September 11, 2001.

In Memoriam

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