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9/11 Survivors & Families (0)

  • signature permalink Eve Burrus 9/12/2021

    I have always been a believer of reincarnation. Recently, I did regression therapy and found out that I died in 9/11 in my past life. It was always so obvious, since I was one of those kids who knew about the event before it was taught to me. Being connected to this event, I feel like the new building didn’t do the victims justice. Instead, it presents itself like a bad joke. The only way to do 9/11 victims and their families justice is to rebuild the original towers and do the job right!

  • signature permalink George E.H. * 12/26/2015

  • signature permalink Adam Gil 10/19/2015

    My father used to work in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. I was born early in 2001, and visited the WTC complex as a baby. Growing up in NYC, the skyline became scarred. I would love to see the WTC be rebuilt so that people like me, survivors and families could relive the past in the future, and refresh the vibrant experience that the WTC provided.

  • signature permalink Catherine Carter 9/6/2015

    As a victim and survivor of 9/11 I would love to see another tower built

  • signature permalink Evan Christian * 7/27/2015

    The Twin Towers brought the NYC skyline to life, not only people died that day the lower part of Manhattan did too losing part of its iconic symbol. The only way to fully restore the NYC skyline and heal lower Manhattan is to build back the Twin Towers, we don’t need new we need the same but better. NYC will never be the same with One but fully restored with Two.

  • signature permalink Joe McGonigle * 8/31/2014

    Put them back up because they had no business being taken down in the first place. If you accidentally knock over your glass of milk you dont refill it with soda put them back the way they were.

  • signature permalink Victoria Thomas * 12/29/2012

    I just want to say that America was a great, and powerful nation that could do anything with those towers. But after Bin Laden destroyed the twin towers it tore this beautiful nation apart and 9/11 tore a huge hole right into the heart of America. 9/11 should have never have happened if Osama Bin Laden wasn’t even alive. My dad died in the 106th floor in the North tower. So yeah I would like to see 2 gorgeous towers instead of an huge hole. I would like to see America happy again. Two towers. Instead of crying to see my father’s name on the board. I want to see the towers again. And so does America. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • signature permalink raquel molina 4/12/2012

  • signature permalink Aarron Honaker * 2/5/2012

  • signature permalink Ian K 12/7/2011

    I cant tell you how much it would mean to me to see those towers go back up. i know so many people who did not make it, and New York City has never been the same for me. every person i have talked to agrees with me that those towers belong in NYC’s skyline. i will never forget what i saw that day, and to have those towers back would mean the world.

  • signature permalink Andy Cole 10/17/2011

  • signature permalink Jean Munetones 9/12/2011

    As a kid growing up in Jersey City, the image of the twin towers standing is everything to me. For 15 years I seen those towers day and nite so please rebuild it and restore the skyline to its glory. My father worked in those towers for years including 911 and spending time there with him were some of the greatest memories I have. Let others enjoy this just like I have. Rebuild them please!

  • signature permalink Ian Stanton * 8/11/2011

  • signature permalink Lauren Cooper 4/8/2011

    I would rather like the TwinTowers2 in a New York skyline than some modern building, which some people want to make New York modern, but i think it’s rather sick.. it’s what suites New York best, and the Twin Towers do that job perfectly!

  • signature permalink Steve Fisher 1/9/2011

    I think we should rebuild the towers because the terrorists taking them from us and us not rebuilding them is almost like letting them win. We need to rebuild them and make them better than ever to show them America can overcome anything. God Bless America.

  • signature permalink Jack Johnson * 11/18/2010

    Rebuild them, i want to take my children up to the skydeck again and show them the beautiful city of New York.

  • signature permalink Taylor Brewer * 8/26/2010

    Please rebuild.

  • signature permalink B Ocasio 8/3/2010

    Please rebuild the Twin Towers.

  • signature permalink devin browning * 7/20/2010

    i was on the 78 floor when the first plane comes in i was helping people out when i herd a giant crash i din’t know that was a 2nd plane hiting tower 2 i helped a bunch of people out that day then me and some people herd a loud boom i knew the south tower was comming down and we were almost there we were to the lobby when the south tower came down we were in gulfed in smoke when the smoke cleared we ran out i looked back then the north tower fell now all i have to say is i hope they rebiuld

  • signature permalink Laura Richardson 7/8/2010

    I think it’s important to rebuild the twin towers to show the world and ourselves that we stick together and become stronger. The point of rebuilding the twin towers is to show the importance of remembering and not to forget. Remember the Alamo!

  • signature permalink Stelios Makrinos 3/5/2010

    Only rebuilding a set of twin towers can properly do justice to all of the people affected in any way by the events on the 11th of September and the weeks, months, and years that have followed.

  • signature permalink luiggi martinez * 2/19/2010

    as can be left in oblivion the symbol of New York and not caring about the opinion of New Yorkers leaves a lot to say about these people

  • signature permalink Zachary Smith * 2/12/2010

  • signature permalink Mike Robie 11/25/2009

  • signature permalink jenifer rodriguez * 10/21/2009

    i never got a chance to see the twin towers i think they should re build it!

  • signature permalink aaliyah nunez * 10/19/2009
  • signature permalink Susan Evans 9/24/2009


  • signature permalink Kiri Sioru * 9/18/2009

    I was 4 when this happened. And me and my mom were in the building. She died.

  • signature permalink Katie Hinkox 8/31/2009

    The Twin Towers are all I live for. I used to go to them once a week, just to stare at their amazing beauty. But one week i happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I saw things that still haunt me, and the only thing that will ever really help me cope, is seeing the twin towers, standing tall, strong and proud. I have to beleive in my heart, I will be visiting the twin towers every week again. I just have to.

  • signature permalink Jay Gerber * 8/22/2009

    It hurts forever when I seen and stood a block and half away from the attacks. To put up stronger towers would bring a light back in my heart and others. This is for us, not the government.

  • signature permalink Amber Shepperd 5/28/2009

    I would love to see the twin towers built back like they were. I think that there would be no bigger inspiration to Americans than to see how far we have come and no bigger smack in the face to the terrorists.

  • signature permalink justin martinez * 5/15/2009

  • signature permalink Laurel Persowich 4/18/2009

    Too many people lost a loved one on September 11th and it’s not fair that they have to live with the horrible reminder that they are gone everyday by looking at the empty space in the New York skyline. I’m all for re-building the Twin Towers and the day that happens will be the happiest day of my life. *Bring on the Towers! Bring back the brothers. Bring back this world.*

  • signature permalink Gwen Anderson 3/7/2009

    I am all for re-building the BEAUTIFUL TWIN TOWERS!!
    God Bless each and every family member who lost a loved one in this terrible tragedy! This was indeed a sad day for all Americans and those across the world who have a heart!!!

  • signature permalink King Casiano * 1/29/2009

    I can’t believe there was no public debate about the WTC Site. Behind closed doors former Governor George Pataki allow Libeskind to build his horrible plan for the WTC Site. After the police got involved they chose the current plan that is being implemented. I am astonished that these politicians don’t listen to the victims or the citizens in regards to the rebuilding of the Twin Towers. What better way to say “F-You” to the terrorists by rebuilding the Twin Towers again? God bless America.

  • signature permalink James Dolan * 1/12/2009

    I Want To See The World Trade Centre Rebuilt )For I Want To See America Change I Want To See On TV When A Story Comes Up Or A New Film Of Downtown Manhattan To See The New Twin Towers As Before In Previous Movies. I Am Not American I Am A Scottish 12 Year Old Boy From Britain Live In Britain And When I Saw The WTC or Twin Towers To Me They Stood For Everthing America Was And Still Is BRING BACK OUR TWIN TOWERS They Are The Sign And Symbol As America

  • signature permalink Barney Buckley 1/2/2009

    Hello I just want to add that I sincerely hope that LMDC does the right for the people and the heart of America.

  • signature permalink Dylan Vickers * 12/7/2008

    i relly hate those people who did this to new york city i dont live in new york but i feel for everyone who had to suffer. peace out :D :D :D

  • signature permalink Andrew F. 11/16/2008

    they shouldn’t build the freedom tower… REBUILD THE TWIN TOWERS

  • signature permalink William Moore 10/15/2008

    Rebuild the Twin Towers!

  • signature permalink Dale Bachu * 6/19/2008

    My wife was in the towers when the first plane struck and thankfully made it out. We both feel very strongly about the towers being rebuilt, anything less would be a victory for 19 individuals and would basically be a 1700 ft white flag muddying our once beautiful skyline.

  • signature permalink taylor smith 5/18/2008

    please rebuild, although i lost someone very close to me and i know i can never get them back, the towers should be rebuilt the way they were before! time goes on and we must carry on. a new tower with a new design says we have forgotten. but if we go with the old look, it says. we are strong and we carry on, through the ups and downs. we are one nation, for justice and all.

  • signature permalink Lynne Yaccorino 5/12/2008

  • signature permalink katie singer * 2/4/2008

  • signature permalink Sally Matthews 1/25/2008

    These towers should have been built by now! Those middle easterners think we’ll never get them built and are laughing – saying it serves the infedels right!

    So……Let’s get them up stronger and taller than before – and then ask God’s protection for the people who work within them.

  • signature permalink tony carter * 1/24/2008

    I am trying to see that since the twin towers was a good memorable place that it should be rebuilt

  • signature permalink TIRDAD GHARIB 11/16/2007

    Good evenning to all of you my heart and soul is always with the victims of 9/11 my heart also goes deeply to mrs desiree Bernstein and her husband and the familly,for her brother in law, who lost his life to these islamic terrrorist i pray the lord jesus, and i will continue my mission to protect america my great country and israel the holly land and switzerland and europe, may god bless all of you we must rebuild the twin towers.

    TTA Note: This comment doesn’t seem to have been written by a survivor of the 9/11 attacks or a family member. Please note that the 9/11 categories are not for general expressions of sympathy.

  • signature permalink Carolyn Taveras 11/15/2007

    May those who died in the attack of Sept.11,2001 to be in god’s glory always and forever. I always remembered and will remember the World Trade Center as the heart of manhattan. It’s sad to remember the times of visting the twin towers, taking pictures and taking tours…I still believe the World Trade Center should be rebuilt again to keep our memories alive, to start new careers, and to feel more power no matter what happened…God bless america! R.I.P for those innocent lives. Love, carolyn

  • signature permalink robert scott 10/30/2007

    been 2 nyc twice, both after 9/11 2002 & 2005 first time to pay my respects to the victims. second time to see how the regeneration was going !!!!!


    dont let the small minded terrorist win. they only attack what they cannot obtain in their own country – FREEDOM.

  • signature permalink terri roberts 10/9/2007

    hi my name is terri roberts and i would love to see the twin towers rebuilt. thank u

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