E-mail on the Abuse of Power at the WTC — Broadcast on 10/01/2006

Dear Twin Towers Supporters,

The people behind the third-rate plans for the WTC are ignorant, arrogant, and powerful. But who is giving them their power? It's not ultimately the media, who prove everyday what patsies most of them are. And it's not the minority of the population that wants to build something else in place of the Twin Towers. It's the silent majority, those who know that the Towers should be rebuilt, but don't speak up and say so because they don't think they can make a difference, who are responsible for what is going on – and it is time for them to find their voices.

George Pataki, Michael Bloomberg, Rudolph Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, and even Eliot Spitzer, think of themselves as presidential material. So why don't we make them care what we think? Most people still believe that the right thing to be built at Ground Zero is Twin Towers. Why would we let them put up a crazy quilt of odd buildings and then have the effrontery to call it The World Trade Center? Why would we let them wear us down until we think that anything is better than nothing? It's NOT.

The Twin Towers were not the target on September 11th, as much as it was the American way of life that came under attack – and that is what will be endangered until we get engaged as a society and stop leaving every fight to someone else. We won't have a country left if we turn away from the incremental ways it is being taken away from us – at the very time we face one of the most lethal enemies we have ever known.

It is amazing, with all the hype over the plans for a counterfeit World Trade Center, that people still search the Web, find our site, and care enough to take a minute to leave their names and comments. Just in the past week people left the following statements:

From a New Yorker: "I think to not rebuild the Twin Towers is an act of cowardice by our political leaders. I would be first on line to work at the top floors of the buildings."

From NY/NJ- "I believe that by not rebuilding the Twin Towers we will make a very bad mistake. We will be saying that the terrorists have won. We rebuilt the Pentagon. After the White House was burned down after the 1812 war it was rebuilt. Why not the Twin Towers?"

From Other Americans:
-- "Rebuilding them as they were sends a clear message, and its time to send that message."
-- "It should never have been an option otherwise. And they should have been rebuilt in record time. The way you discourage graffiti is to have it removed in the shortest amount of time possible!"

From Other Nations:
-- "New York, without the twin towers, is a defeated city."
-- "I never visited New York, but one thing I was fascinated about were the twin towers! I think the twin towers were like the "trademark" of New York. When you talked to anyone about New York, the first thing you’d visualize were the twin towers. I really think that the rebuilding is the right thing to do, to honor the victims, the families and the city! Please restore the NY skyline, not only for the US, but for the whole world!"

And most moving of all was the editorial that a college student in Georgia sent out to all the big papers comparing what we are up against to "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington:" "We must not allow the wishes of a few elitist developers and political cronyism to overpower the desires of everyday Americans to see their towers rebuilt. This is no Willet Creek, but it is easy to imagine how Jefferson Smith would view our failure as citizens of the United States if we don't do our duty to stand up and be counted." We are going to add Justin's op-ed to the TTA website soon. After writing it he urged his parents and grandparents to sign the petition. It is great to know that there are young people like Justin Ove in today's troubled America.

If they are right, and if everyone who has had enough spirit to sign our petition is right, then there is a lot more at stake here than real estate interests, or the conceit of city "planners", or the pandering of politicans. We have never maintained that public opinion was the only thing to consider, but it should have played a major part in a debate that NEVER TOOK PLACE – and to build anything until it does take place is an outrageous abuse of power that should concern us all. What could be more important than doing the right thing at Ground Zero and who can legitimately say what that is without an HONEST national referendum? Whether a vote were held in New York or the country at large, the Twin Towers would easily win the popular vote. So why doesn't that matter?

When the politicians and the media are not serving the public good and we do not take back the power we have lent them and object to their manipulations, then it is as if flesh-eating bacteria are at work on the body politic, robbing Americans of their will. If not attacked, that disease could rob us of our country.

But we have faith that any day now a courageous editor or politician is going to pay attention to what we are calling for and change the course of history. The great thing about our support, in this fractured political climate, is that it comes from the Right and the Left and everywhere in between. That says it all and should matter to anyone who wants to be President of the United States.

In the end, the reason we keep up the fight against the odds is because we are not willing to give this country over to the ignorant, the arrogant, and the powerful.

Please tell everyone you know that it is time to join this movement because the best memorial to all that we lost and all we have still to protect is to rebuild the Towers. Urge them to sign the petition and forward this message on to everyone they know. Urge them to use the LobbyByFax link at the bottom of our petition page. And urge them to understand that there is nothing but spit holding the current plans in place -- and not to believe anything to the contrary.

We can still have the Towers we deserve. It's not too late and we are not giving up. Far from it. IT ISN'T POSSIBLE TO BE TOO BUSY OR TOO TIRED TO BE FREE.


Thank you for caring enough.

Your Fellow Americans at The Twin Towers Alliance


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