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  • signature permalink Sebastian DeCardona * 10/1/2022

    I message my future self here to one day revive the New York skyline. I am hopeful that this will be accomplished with double the height of the original World Trade Center complex, showing the strength and pride that is displayed on every American’s faces. I also do believe in the remembrance of the victims of 9/11, in which I would say that the current “One World Trade Center” can be used as not only a tribute of those who have died, but as a replacement for the 9/11 museum and still plenty of space to offer. For now though, my plans for the future ahead of us are to divide the “One World Trade Center” in half and rebuild WTC 1 & 2 into double their initial height to rise up to an incredible altitude of 2,736 feet. A statement for the city of New York built into itself. God Willing.


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