The world was robbed of the 21st-century Twin Towers most of us always wanted.

Click above for more comments that rebuke the cynicism that tried to replace the Twin Towers and failed.

The world was robbed of the 21st-century Twin Towers most of us always wanted.

Click above for more comments that rebuke the cynicism that tried
to replace the Twin Towers and failed.


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  • signature permalink Ottavio Cassone 6/28/2024   Citizens of Other Nations

    Ciao mi chiamo Ottavio ho 18 anni e vengo dall’Italia, sono sempre stato innamorato delle torri del world trader center sin da bambino (anche se non ho potuto mai vederle),e nel pensare che quei magnifici complessi architettonici non ci sarebbero stati più, mi sale una grande tristezza interiore sia per ciò che è successo ma anche nel sapere di non poter mai vedere quelle fantastiche torri.
    Desidero fortemente la ricostruzione di quelle torri, anche per dare un segno di rinascita e di riscatto e nel trasmettere che il terrorismo non ci ha fatto niente, e poi anche perché loro richiamano un periodo d’oro un po’ per tutti.
    Ovviamente sempre se questo non dia un fastidio generale a chi ha purtroppo perso dei cari durante l’attentato.

    PS sarebbe memorabile.

  • signature permalink Mark Conway * 6/17/2024   Citizens of Other Nations

    I’m from the UK and think it’s a real shame the towers haven’t been rebuilt, as nothing would have shown the world terrorism will not prevail more. The New York skyline simply isn’t the same without these iconic behemoths. I’d love to see them rebuilt bigger and better, but with the same steel framed architectural style. Nothing would commemorate all those lost on 9/11 better than rebuilding the twin towers. New York authorities, please u-turn and give the people what they want.

  • signature permalink Davide Cannavo’ * 6/5/2024   Citizens of Other Nations

    the towers and new york deserve to go back to the way they were before

  • signature permalink Jeremy Kroczynski 5/20/2024   Citizens of Other Nations

    Born shortly before 9/11, the Twin Towers still have always been one of the most iconic symbols of the United States to me on par with the Statue of Liberty and the White House. Their design is unique, recognizable all around the world and stand just all in all for everything american. Bringing them back would be the only right thing.

  • signature permalink Max Dolski 5/19/2024   All Other NY & NJ Residents

  • signature permalink Matthew Lopez * 5/15/2024   All Other NY & NJ Residents

    Like the Sphere and the Survivor Tree, the Twin Towers faced indescribable odds against them and came out on top in February 1993. I believe the Towers should be rebuilt. It would be a great display of resilience and make New York feel a little more like New York again.

  • signature permalink Julia Matanovic * 5/7/2024   All Other NY & NJ Residents

    I think it would be cool.

  • signature permalink Ben Jazz * 5/5/2024   All Other Americans

    Rising again taller then before. Unique concept to honor the legacy of the OG towers.

  • signature permalink Keith Allison * 4/28/2024   All Other Americans

    We MUST rebuild the iconic and B-E-A-Utiful Twin Towers–taller than before 9/11!! A very appropriate symbol of American Pride and civility!! That would be really truly American!!! :)

  • signature permalink James Charles * 4/23/2024   All Other Americans

    Hi sisters

  • signature permalink Jacob Richardson 4/13/2024   Citizens of Other Nations

    In the memory of Michael and Christine Egan.

  • signature permalink Zlatislav Bondarenko * 4/7/2024   All Other NY & NJ Residents

  • signature permalink Travis Stencil Jr 4/3/2024   All Other Americans

    I Was Born 3 Years After The Disaster. I Just Like Many Others Didn’t Have The Chance To See The Twin Towers Stand Before Us. We Must Rebuild Them As They Were Before, Not Just To Repair The New York Skyline, But To Repair What America Stands For. If We Don’t Rebuild And Just Leave A Empty Space, Then The Enemy Wins. We Must Rebuild The Towers The Same As Before, But Stronger To Prevent The Disaster From Happening Again. America Doesn’t Back Down, America Doesn’t Lose, We Rebuild And Come Back Stronger Than Ever. We Owe It To Every Single Police Officer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Victim and Families Who Mourn To Bring Back The Towers. We Cannot Let Ground Zero Be A Grave, We Must Let It Be A Sign Of Strength By Rebuilding The Towers In Honor Of Those We Lost.

  • signature permalink Richard Johnson * 3/17/2024   All Other Americans

    I may have been born 8 years after these beautiful creations came crashing down, ripping apart so many peoples lives but I still feel a special connection to them.

    The original World Trade Center has something that the current site does not possess. To me it is the pure symbol that is shown through it. The towers projected the American dream, the strength in our peoples freedoms.

    To rebuild what we lost is not an insult to those who died, but a way to remember. To show that the terrorists may have struck us but we have come back in spite of the murder of our friends, family, co workers, and more.

  • signature permalink Ahmed Almani 1/10/2024   Citizens of Other Nations

    Although I have never been to New York, let alone ground zero, I still see pictures of these buildings and I imagine the huge scale of them, looming on the horizon. I want that to be reality.

  • signature permalink Marco Suarez 1/6/2024   All Other NY & NJ Residents

    I believe the towers should be rebuilt because of the history and symbolism they held for new york and the country as a whole. The timing is right, its been over 20 years and I don’t believe the buildings will trigger trauma responses from victims (only if they are NOT rebuilt on the original site). And while I wish they could’ve been rebuilt on the original site, it wouldn’t be feasible considering most of the new complex is finished. As long as the towers are in new york city, I’m fine with whatever spot they’d be rebuilt. I was born in 2000 my mom worked in the financial district until 2002 so I grew seeing ground zero and being so intrigued by the missing towers. I know I’m not the only one with this relationship the towers, and new yorkers deserve a chance to see them again in person.

  • signature permalink Aaron Smith * 12/4/2023   All Other Americans

    Here are some reasons why the Twin Towers should be rebuilt:

    The Twin Towers were an iconic symbol of New York City and the United States. Rebuilding them would be a powerful statement of resilience and strength in the face of adversity.
    The new World Trade Center complex, which replaced the Twin Towers, has been criticized for its design and lack of character. Rebuilding the Twin Towers would restore the skyline to its former glory and provide a sense of continuity with the past.

  • signature permalink James Pete * 12/2/2023   All Other Americans

    I believe that new Twin Towers should be built. Incorporated in some way into the new World Trade Center complex. The original Twin Towers ll proposal seems to be out of the question. But there is still time to reconstruct what is so desperately missing from the Lowrr Manhattan/Financial District skyline.i like many others was not around to witness the original World Trade Center complex in all of its glory prior to September 11th, 2001. I think a new set of Twin Towers would benefit New York and the United States as a whole. The gap would be refilled once more and the memorial pools would continue to act as a reminder of what was lost that day. I sincerely hope some day this mission is somehow accomplished.

  • signature permalink Andrew Smith 11/27/2023   All Other Americans

    Phoenix North and Phoenix South. That is all. Nothing less will suffice, on multiple fronts. Make it affordable apartments and space for non office related businesses, like an arcade, indoor airsoft arena, etc. make the impact floors a musuem and memorial place. So much good can come from them. We just need 7 billion dollars to make it happen…

  • signature permalink jamie lee fiarbrother 11/19/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    there must be a no hideing from the fact of what did happen here, & there allways has to be a mamorial for the bombing & 9/11 , but at the same time, the towers should & could be rebuilt, bigger stronger & safer then ever before! i look forward to that happening! & i no many others feel the same

  • signature permalink Brendan Schmidt 11/14/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    They absolutely need to be rebuilt.

  • signature permalink Michael Koury 11/4/2023   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Davyn Roberts 10/29/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    The twin towers.. as a Canadian I was never able to see the towers I wasn’t born in time but I will allways want to it’s different just looking at a photo from now and 2000 it’s just not the same we need to build these towers I HAVE FULL SUPPORT build these towers take it to the limit and make it the tallest building in the world and make it a structurally strong and call the towers WTC 0

  • signature permalink Jonas P 10/23/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    I was born a few months after the attacks, am neither a new yorker nor an american in general, but I loved the towers ever since I learned about them. From comparing photos of pre-9/11 New York to photos of the city today, I always felt, that something’s missing, that New York has a whole other vibe to it. The Twin Towers just have to return, to finally make the Skyline complete and to show the terrorists a middle finger.

  • signature permalink Gyanesh Pathak 9/27/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    I believe that the current design is “not good” (l would say something else but l won’t). I was born in 2010, so l never got to see the twin towers myself. But just looking at the pictures made me realise how great these behemoths were. Considering a large percentage of 9/11 affected families wanted the twin towers to be rebuilt, the current design is not a great one.

    ■ ■
    ■ ■
    ■ ■
    Never Forget

  • signature permalink Ben Lukes 9/25/2023   Construction Workers & Families

  • signature permalink William Parnitzke * 9/24/2023   All Other Americans

    I was born in 2009, 8 years after the attacks. So, obviously, I myself didn’t live a life with the Twin Towers or live through the September 11th Attacks. But even so, I have always honored the day by watching documentaries and annually constructing my micro Twin Towers/WTC complex moc in Lego bricks. I always find that I really do love the towers that aren’t there any longer. I feel a deep anger towards the terrorists who not only took the lives of nearly 3,000 American citizens, bu

  • signature permalink Carlo Zambon 8/31/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    Be strong: rebuild the Twin Towers to be even more beautiful than before!

  • signature permalink Ross Muir 8/7/2023   Metro New Yorkers

    As an Architect and engineer practicing in New Yrok city for more than 37 years I have grown to know that the Twins were as modernism should be. That’s to say the most efficient buildings ever built. If the Towers were there today they would undoubtedly be considered for renovation into Eco-Hospitals. At 2 acres yielding 220 that’s a must. So the towers will be back and it will start with smaller versions. Please see my gofundme and click the read more for details. Feel free to donate if you wish:

  • signature permalink Mathias Escofier 7/14/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    I think that rebuilding the Twin Towers would be a great symbol of hope, power and resilience.

  • signature permalink Tina Nichols 7/13/2023   All Other Americans

    People from all walks of life passed on9/11/01to continue all walks of life.

  • signature permalink Victor Lugt 6/24/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    Even though I was against the construction of One WTC for the same reasons as the TTA at first, I had really made the effort to try and like the new tower thereafter. However, it is hard not to conclude, after all these years, that the citizens of America and the world have been sold short at Ground Zero. Looking at what was initially promised, and then, how it all turned out to be, the “World’s Greatest Compromise”, as B1M on YT succinctly pointed out in their video recently.

    I feel like rebuilding the Twin Towers would ensure a way to a more safe and a more harmonious, peaceful world. Balance is key here. The events in the past two decades on the geopolitcal arena that have been unfolding shows the need for it. Peace and progress starts at rebuilding the Twins.

  • signature permalink Reilly Taylor 6/24/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    I have had an undying love for New York for as long as I can remember, but one thing was always missing from all my photos. Well, two things to be precise. I feel as though the twin towers were, are, and will be symbols of strength and prosperity, but with new towers in place of the old ones they would also be symbols of undeniable victory.

  • signature permalink Jesse Robbins * 6/23/2023   Metro New Yorkers

  • signature permalink Nick Konsh * 5/22/2023   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Justin Fox 5/22/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    I would like to see the Memorial and Museum to be relocated off site in a respectful way and have the twin towers rebuilt, eventually 1 WTC and other towers would be deconstructed from the top down. It was the worst idea to not rebuild the twin towers and whoever built this in their place should be ashamed.

  • signature permalink Sebastian Trejo 5/16/2023   All Other Americans

    I would like to see the twin towers rebuilt becuase they both represent how America is a thriving nation that is very strong and can with hold anything from its enemies. By not rebuilding the twin towers, we let our enemies laugh at us, and have treated us with disrespect. The freedom tower should never have been built. The building is a disgusting building. It does not represent the power of the United States of America. The twin towers do represent so many things that America has fought for. Every one wanted the twin towers and today still every one wants it to be built. There shouldn’t have been another design of the tower. I was born in 2003 and I never have experienced the twin towers before in person. Rebuild the twin towers stronger like never before and taller.

  • signature permalink Shiva Iyer 5/4/2023   All Other Americans

    I was born in 1998 so I was very young when the 9/11 attacks happened. I remember my dad showing me a picture of himself atop the World Trade Center that was taken in the 1980s. I’ve always been so mesmerized by the beauty of the of the twin towers which I why I was always so puzzled as to why they were never rebuilt. I understand it was probably out of respect to the families of the victims that were involved in the tragic attacks. However, I think that rebuilding the twin towers would restore hope to our country again and honor the victims/families of the attacks by sending a message that no matter how tragic, terrorism will never change New York’s once great skyline. I sincerely hope that one day, the twin towers will be rebuilt just the way it was.

  • signature permalink Carter Schartz * 3/23/2023   All Other Americans

    I was born in 2005, so I never got to experience the world with the twin towers. I’ve always felt that without the twin towers the skyline of new York seems empty. I feel like by not rebuilding the twin towers we’ve let the terrorists win, to add, 2 world trade center is still incomplete.

    In my home town in Oklahoma where I come from, we haya tower called the BOK tower, and it looks just like a shortened version of the south tower. Same building designer too.

  • signature permalink Gaibrial Collins * 3/19/2023   All Other NY & NJ Residents

  • signature permalink Alex Skorodumov 3/6/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    This is history

  • signature permalink Nick Konsh 2/3/2023   All Other Americans

    I was born years after the attacks of September 2001. I first learned about the towers in a book about Philippe Petit who walked a tightrope between them, and I loved the towers ever since. But I knew I would never be able to visit them. this is why I am signing the petition. The New world trade center does not look like it fits as a replacement. Mabey the New world trade center could be built next to the original site, so the skyline does not get disturbed. we need them rebuild stronger but also keeping the original look, like the proposal for twin towers 2 (which would actually be a great fit for the skyline)

  • signature permalink Lukas K * 1/4/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    the restoration of the twin towers is a sign that the terrorists lost and that they failed to break the will of the Americans

  • signature permalink Rubio Monroe * 1/1/2023   Citizens of Other Nations

    We enter 2023, and I’m working full steam ahead in the arts, to celebrate the 50 years of the legacy of the Twin Towers. Today I am much more mature and convinced that yes, we will see the towers raised again. Count on me so that April 4th never passes in white clouds. It is time to celebrate the legacy of these buildings, and the history of their employees who died in the 2001 tragedy, but remain alive in us. The Twin Towers became children of the 21st Century, and children of Humanity/Ethiopia, an integral part of the history of this blue planet. The pain of the New York people is ours, and the desire to heal this wound is also ours, as we are all brothers in the world. Will be all right. A Happy 2023 to all!

  • signature permalink Jemima Vo * 12/26/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

    I want to see those amazing buildings in the modern skyline

  • signature permalink Brian Hall 12/24/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

    Rebuilding the WTC to the exact design will send out a message to the faceless cowards that destroyed the original towers in 2001 that they will never win.
    REBUILD THE TWIN TOWERS IN THE EXACT SAME DESIGN (With added safety features built into the new buildings)
    New York does not look the same without the iconic twin towers.

  • signature permalink Juan Calderón * 12/14/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

    Los edificios más hermosos de la historia tienen que volver.
    Translation: The most beautiful buildings in history have to return.

  • signature permalink Cody Sugden 12/3/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

    Being 16 in 2001 and watching this destruction on tv from the other side of the world has had a profound impact on me since. A major world changing event in my lifetime and nothing has felt the same since. Those towers held a rightful place in that skyline. By leaving them destroyed and the skyline empty you are telling the world’s evil that they have won. Rebuilding them bigger and stronger is the only way to show respect to those that perished.

  • signature permalink Orlando Angulo * 10/17/2022   All Other Americans

    America needs to build back and build it better than before. As a symbol of unity patriotism and to truly never forget.

  • signature permalink Robb Wolff 10/15/2022   All Other Americans

    I believe the American people deserve the twin towers back. We need to rebuild and rebuild better. The current WTC 1 does not cut it alone. It would be beautiful to have the twin towers back in some form and standing next to the current complex. I do hope NYC and federal government politicians catch hold of this proposal. I believe this is one of the best development proposals of our lifetime. Until it is complete we need to keep fighting for it. Thank you to the Twin Towers Alliance for making this proposal and website available to us all. ????????

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