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It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;

it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.

— Seneca

Why Rebuild?   Updated 9/15/21

When we say it is not too late to do the right thing, what do we mean? Who gets to decide what “the right thing” is? With all the turmoil in the world today, it might seem ridiculous to say that rebuilding the Twin Towers is the surest way to a better world. But we don’t think it is and the cost/benefit analysis that follows will explain why.

Shining Twin Towers would be powerful sentinels, reminding us to be vigilant. We are not proposing rebuilt replicas of the two towers that were destroyed on 9/11. We are proposing even greater Twin Towers that would, in every sense, enshrine the daring and ingenuity of the fabulous originals. That would be the ultimate homage to the loved ones and world that we lost on September 11, 2001.

The Memorial  Details to follow…

We walked the site on 9/11, for the first time since the 18th anniversary. We wanted to make sure before posting the Phase Two proposal that it holds up against the current WTC configuration. We were very encouraged because it was obvious how much better the World Trade Center really could be. We are working on the Memorial detail page and will post it as soon as possible. But first, we want to provide a barebones outline of the proposal. We caution readers from jumping to conclusions before seeing the specifics that will follow.

It became so clear during our visit that the only reason it would be too late to vastly improve upon the WTC of today is if those who inform the public are not willing to ask and give clear answers to the questions posed by this proposal. We trust that there are enough independent and open minds in the media to overcome official inertia and resistance to a better World Trade Center — and who will let the people consider and decide this for themselves, because it reflects upon us all.

The changes we are proposing for the memorial are not in order to make room for the Twin Towers to rise from their footprints. If the current memorial fully met the needs of the 9/11 community, we would probably have gone no further. Because however much we might think the Twin Towers should be rebuilt, it would be a fool’s errand to try to challenge the current 9/11 Memorial & Museum on that basis.

But the actual reasons are compelling and will be posted shortly. Chief among them are the objections of many 9/11 victims’ relatives to keeping the unidentified remains in the underground Museum. This plan would bring the sacred remains to the Plaza level where the Tomb of the Unknowns and the Eternal Flame would be placed at the far end of the broad avenue that runs west from the Pavilion. (The two utility annexes of the museum are the only structures on the site that would need to be removed.)

The flags of every nation that lost a citizen would run along western edge of the site from Liberty St. to Fulton St. and the freestanding bronze parapets would be arranged in rows perpendicular to West Street in the manner of the existing walkways. It would be a very reverent, elegant, and well-defined precinct.

The Museum   Details to follow…

We have always been disturbed by symbolism of an obelisk — an international funereal shape — rising at One World Trade Center. But standing beside the new memorial grounds, with the unidentified remains lying in repose, the victims’ names flanking the tomb on either side, and the Eternal Flame bearing constant witness — with towering Twins just beyond — the symbolism becomes entirely fitting.

As the new home to the 9/11 Museum, with the exhibits transferred from their underground location to a new windowless space in the concrete base, the Freedom Tower tribute will extend to the observatory, dedicated as a Hall of Heroes, along with more exhibition and auditorium spaces.

The Plaza   Posted 9/18/21

The sprawling memorial has given the so-called World Trade Center “campus” an ill-defined, hybrid quality. The resulting lack of reverence has often been seen as jarring and disrespectful. With a noble 9/11 memorial and glade concentrated at the west end of the site and the 9/11 museum next to it, the open spaces can become places of celebration and recreation. Umbrellaed tables opposite the Oculus would be popular gathering places before heading into the Performing Arts complex or back to work in the World Trade Center offices.

The centerpiece of the Plaza would be the converted ground level of the Pavilion, where the battered and beautiful Koenig Sphere would finally be back where it belongs. Set in a year-round oasis and Garden of Resolve, The Sphere would once again revolve every 24 hours in the center of a lovely fountain beside the two massive tridents and suspended Ground Zero flag in testimony to the resilient, heroic, American Spirit.

The Twin Towers    Will be posted soon.

The Rooftops   Details to follow…

A Port Authority ad in the 1980s for the rooftop observation deck cautioned: “And after dark, please don’t touch the stars.” That epitomized the Towers’ allure. And there is nothing in the city or country or world today that can come close to that appeal. Looking back, it was such a disappointment when bad weather meant that a “Roof Closed” sign stretch across the escalator to the roof. An indoor observatory is definitely a runner-up.

The Funding    Will be posted soon.

Questions & Answers  Posted 9/3/21

Once the proposal is fully presented, we will open a mailbox at rebuild-the-towers@twintowersalliance.com for questions, suggestions, and constructive criticisms. We will then discuss the feedback on the respective detail pages. In the meantime, we will answer here some of the questions that have been sent to us.


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