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  • signature permalink Vick Valentine 10/14/2012

    As a loyal American i stand with ALL to REBUILD these awesome symbols of American freedom and enterprise. If Minoru Yamaski was still alive, he would insisted that his towers be rebuilt. Let’s do our part and tell congress that this “Freedom Tower” just will NOT DO!!!! I am currently recreating an “N” illuminated scale tribute to these lovely towers for all to enjoy. The site ( will follow. I will keep everyone posted on the progress on this tribute. “GOD BLESS AMERICA”!!!

  • signature permalink Wade Hampton 10/29/2011

    It’s been 10 years now and a couple of days ago I imagined that as those that perished lived their last moments many of them must have thought, “rebuild”.
    Bin Laden was found and killed. Hussein was defeated, found, tried and hung. Gaddafi met his fate.

    Build an active and living memorial dedicated to the people that were working at the time of their death by rebuilding.

    TTA Note: The comment that followed this one was deleted, like the ones before it, because it signed up with a non-existent email address. That doesn’t help this cause. There is no point in doing that.

  • signature permalink Connor Williams * 9/12/2011

    I am 15, I clearly remember the events of the fateful day. Ten years ago. I think it is an insult to the victims of ALL attacks of that day.
    The Twin Towers are the icon of 9/11.
    The ‘Freedom Tower” is only QUARTER of what the TwinTowers II SHOULD BE!
    It would be a proud moment, to see the towers rebuilt, to harmonize the victim’s memories with the families.
    “The Freedom Tower” is irrelevant to the events on this day 10 years ago.

    Rest In Peace to all that perished that day, and God Bless. <3

  • signature permalink Timothy Entringer 6/21/2009

    I believe if we rebuild the Twin Towers it will rebuild America. -Timothy J. Entringer

  • signature permalink Chris Maddern 3/24/2009

    As both a business owner who works closely with the construction industry and passionate New Yorker I feel it is in all of our best interests to rebuild the towers stronger, greener, and better than before.

  • signature permalink Brian Melies 4/10/2008

    The monument was destroyed by those who feared it. What better answer than to put it back?

  • signature permalink Mark Foster 7/2/2007

    The World Trade Center towers were the physical embodiment of the global world trade movement dedicated to “World Peace Through World Trade”. That’s why the terrorists recognized they needed to destroy the buildings, so they could then work on destroying the educational, cultural, and political underpinnings of global trade more effectively. For the same reasons, we must rebuild, improving where we might, but rebuild, and reoccupy the World Trade Centers!

  • signature permalink Casey Osborne 7/1/2007

    Rebuilding the towers are symbolic, and carry the tradition of New York beyond the hands of the terrorists.

  • signature permalink Erik Cordova 7/1/2007

    I have agreed with this idea since the attack and I truly believe that this is the best thing for our country. I know there are many people that don’t agree with this idea and we all know their true intentions are to keep America down because they are jealous. I stand for our President, our troops, their mission and rebuilding this marvelous structure. I know we will win the fight and one-day we will all have peace.

    EMC Temecula, CA

  • signature permalink J M * 7/1/2007

  • signature permalink scott arenella 9/4/2006

    I want the public to really decide. Unfortunately, this is the first time I ever heard of this movement. We the people shall decide!!

  • signature permalink Dr. Ronald W. Satz 7/29/2006

    Not to rebuild would give the terrorists a victory. I say: build the Twin Towers taller and stronger. We Americans create; the Islamo-Fascists destroy. Long live America–the home of the free and the home of the brave.

  • signature permalink margaret matuka 7/19/2006

  • signature permalink Doug Reuben {Interpage Network Services Inc.} 5/24/2006

    I strongly support the rebuilding of the original WTC (or a taller variant thereof)instead of the shameful capitulation embodied by and the politcal machinations evident in the current “Freedom Tower” design. I travel widely across the US, and when the topic arises, I have never heard a single person indicate a preference for any option other than rebuilding the WTC. Any other city on Earth would have had such symbolic and iconic structures rebuilt for a multitude of reasons, while in NY the public will is derided.

  • signature permalink Gerd Kirsten {F&V AG} 5/21/2006

  • signature permalink Pat Di Tillio (Majestic Pizza) 5/9/2006

  • signature permalink John Withrow 4/25/2006

    I support this noble cause. Please give us back our Twin Towers — an irreplaceable symbol of American pride and success, and a beacon of hope to the rest of the world.

  • signature permalink Mell Goldman 4/25/2006

  • signature permalink Yankee Robotics 4/25/2006

  • signature permalink Todd Willman 4/24/2006

    In the land of the free and home of the brave, where has courage gone to stand-tall against the symbol of defeat we are now living with by not rebuilding the Twin Towers. What better way to demonstrate to the world what our country is made of – only this time build them higher and stronger (along with a 24 hour military station on the top floor – radars and tomahawk missles included!). What are you waiting for – step up to the plate; its never too late to do the right thing!

  • signature permalink Knuth Electric 4/24/2006

  • signature permalink Industrial Truck Solutions 4/20/2006

    We are proud to lend the name of our
    small company,to such a just,and
    worthy endeavor!We urge all businesses across this great Nation,
    to join us in supporting this rebuilding effort!It will be good for
    us,and good for our Country.
    Lee Williams-

  • signature permalink Ryan Ramsey 4/17/2006

    show the world that America will stand up after it’s knocked down. Rebuild the towers as they were before.

  • signature permalink T vdSluis 3/28/2006

    The Towers must be build again!
    Bigger better and much higher than before.
    My company will be the first tenant to move in.

  • signature permalink 3/15/2006

  • signature permalink Steven Kostis 3/11/2006


  • signature permalink Aledia Entertainment, LLC 3/10/2006

    The only thing worse than the thought of never seeing those towers stand proud again is knowing we had a choice.

  • signature permalink 3/8/2006

    911, a day terror met TRUTH! Evil put down by unconditional LOVE. – Lessons of purity shall never fade. To our fallen and our living thank you for your strength…


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