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  • signature permalink Kamil Proszkowiec * 12/17/2021

    Hello! I want old WTC to be rebulid and here I am gonna tell a bit about me to show you why I care so much about it. I am 17 years old from Poland. I never was in US yet. I didnt even live when WTC was standing. But I love NY and I love US. There are two countries I love: Poland and US. And I am also historian. I saw many videos of old NY. And you can see that in years 1993-2001 (before 911) were Golden years of US. WTC was beatifull and big sing of US power. And people around were happy. Ofcourse world wasnt perfect. Just watch some archives of old tv news of that era and you will see what I mean. I am not saying new WTC 1 is bad. But when I see how bad looks both designs of new WTC 2 and that it wont be as big as first tower is just sad. I want to see old WTC be rebulided. I love you US.


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