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  • signature permalink Victor Lugt 6/24/2023

    Even though I was against the construction of One WTC for the same reasons as the TTA at first, I had really made the effort to try and like the new tower thereafter. However, it is hard not to conclude, after all these years, that the citizens of America and the world have been sold short at Ground Zero. Looking at what was initially promised, and then, how it all turned out to be, the “World’s Greatest Compromise”, as B1M on YT succinctly pointed out in their video recently.

    I feel like rebuilding the Twin Towers would ensure a way to a more safe and a more harmonious, peaceful world. Balance is key here. The events in the past two decades on the geopolitcal arena that have been unfolding shows the need for it. Peace and progress starts at rebuilding the Twins.


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