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This signature Twin Towers Alliance image was on the TTA’s first home page.

Original image courtesy of David Noble | www.nobleimages.co.uk

Animation courtesy of Fard Muhammad | www.fardmuhammad.com

The links below form a portal into the TTA’s archives with hundreds of pages that will be organized eventually for easier access to key documents and to our perspective on the historic grassroots struggle for new Twin Towers.

Homepages        Take Action        Bulletins       The Restoration Alternative

As time permits, we plan to organize the content of the many years’ activity into categories, as well as linking to many outside sources of information, commentaries, and images in order to form an aggregate of the pro-rebuilding history. Regardless of broken links, misdirects, and rogue symbols, it is still a very full record of the TTA’s long struggle to challenge and expose the manipulation and abuse of power that took place in the process of rebuilding the World Trade Center.

This is a great video of The Eagles performing the song they wrote in response to 9/11.



There aren’t words to do justice to this wonderfully inspirational Facebook tribute site. It has a strong following and a steady stream of new content. It is uplifting and non-political. The group’s official description is: “A group for those who believe these towers were once one of the greatest symbols (both in architecture and of American spirit) in the world. This group is dedicated to the entire history and life of the World Trade Center complex, both new and old. While the Twin Towers may be gone, their spirit forever lives on in the memory of those who still remember them and what happened to them.”

Thank you to graphic designer Fard Muhammad for all his selfless contributions to this effort over many years — special thanks for the TTA logo, for the original “People Want Their Towers Back” animation, and for the homepage animation of 2000-ft. Golden Towers.

Our thanks to the many individuals who have contributed the so much through the efforts of their hearts, heads, and hands to this site over the years will follow.

Designer Nik‘ is proud to be associated with The Twin Towers Alliance.

And we at the Twin Towers Alliance could not be more grateful to
‘Designer Nik’ for making our vision for the websites a reality.


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