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Twins For A Reason


The Twin Towers were twins for a reason. They represented the spirit of peaceful cooperation without which world trade and world peace can’t exist. If we are to cooperate with each other, we must treat each other as equals. You must see yourself reflected in me and I must see myself reflected in you. That was the idealism behind the World Trade Center. That is why Minoru Yamasaki designed his towers as twins. Each saw itself in the other. Just as we must see ourselves in each other if we ever hope to live in peace.

In much the same way, if the Twin Towers Alliance were a political party, what would we be for? Well, we’d be for the best of both political parties, since both parties represent important aspects of America. We’d be for self-criticism, since that has always been an important part of being American and has helped us to right various injustices in our country. But we wouldn’t be afraid to be self-confident either, since that is also an important part of being an American. Without self-confidence nothing great would ever have come out of America.

We wouldn’t be afraid to be different from other countries, since difference adds to the richness of the world. But we wouldn’t be afraid to cooperate either, since cooperation is the prelude to peace. We wouldn’t be afraid to point out what’s wrong with America. But we wouldn’t be afraid to point out what’s right with America either. In other words, we’d try to be balanced. To be balanced, you have to have two opposite poles.

The Twin Towers represented this perfectly. They were not one monolithic building that proclaimed to the world, “We are the one and only truth!” Instead, they were two identical buildings that proclaimed the duality, the polarity, the yin and the yang of life. Perfect symbols of a great democracy. It’s not your way or my way, but our way. America isn’t either/or. It’s both. That’s why the Twin Towers represented us so well. And that’s why it’s so urgent that they be rebuilt, instead of allowing something that in no way represents what is best in us to rise from what has become, for most Americans, sacred ground.

Note: This piece was written by TTA co-founder Richard Hughes in 2007. Any information on who created the beautiful image would be appreciated so that we can add a credit.


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