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9/11 Families & Close Friends (0)

  • signature permalink Aaron Jones * 8/3/2022

    The iconic Twin Towers were a symbol of Freedom and international Trade and I believe they should Be Rebuilt immediately

  • signature permalink Victoria Marie * 1/13/2021

  • signature permalink Zachary Cestaro 6/9/2020

    I wanted to be Frank, that for a couple of years I have been signing on the petition, and will do so yet again. The Twin Towers, are the only thing that symbolizes New York City as a whole, and what the big people did was very evil and despicable to our families, and also to that of the American People. My family had lost two during these times, and to be honest, I’ve always said it, they would want us to get out there and they would want us to rebuild, to honor their legacy and to keep traditions alive. It’s not too late and it’s never too late.

    – Zachary A. R. Cestaro

  • signature permalink Michael Mathews * 12/19/2019

    Loved the original twin towers. I was in them my brother had a job interview there and a friend and cousin of mine was in the second plane flight 175. This means so much to me and my family to bring back the iconic world trade center.

  • signature permalink Valencia Merrell 9/25/2019

    I agree they need to rebuild the twin towers but the memorial and freedom tower need to stay where they are.

  • signature permalink Constantino Faria * 7/1/2019

  • signature permalink Paul Hupperdine * 12/12/2016

    We need the Twin Towers. The new tower, One World Trade Center, just does not do it justice. I can’t even express the amount of sadness I have that those buildings aren’t there anymore, and what’s in their place is an eyesore, a modern contemporary-design skyscraper that completely ignores what made the Twin Towers unique. Nothing like them has ever existed, they were a tribute to the time period in which they were built, and a symbol of America. New York, and America itself needs the Twin Towers back.

  • signature permalink David Silverstein * 4/18/2016

    The Twin Towers were a symbol of America’s freedom, and were the heart of New York City. America wants them back. Freedom Tower is an impressive building, and it should be kept. It would look AMAZING with the twin towers next to it. The buildings around freedom tower are ugly AF! My best friend died in this and I know that he would have wanted this.


  • signature permalink John K. * 1/21/2016

    Thank you for your blog article. Great.

  • signature permalink Eralp Yavuz * 1/2/2016

  • signature permalink Mustafa Salim * 12/17/2014

    Please bring the twin towers back one World Trade Center is ugly! Rebuild the twin towers!!!

  • signature permalink Joshua Cuccia * 10/8/2014

  • signature permalink Allan Taylor * 8/23/2013

  • signature permalink Alexis Mack 4/4/2013

    I wish that we could rebuild the towers. They were a part of our nation. Even though I was like four when they fell I look at videos of people on top of the towers on YouTube. They were so beautiful. They should listen to the people who had families in those towers and not just think of their selves. They need to rebuild those towers.

  • signature permalink FRANKIE * 10/24/2012


  • signature permalink STEVEN LEFLORE * 10/24/2012


  • signature permalink caleb keith * 10/19/2012

    bring em back!!

  • signature permalink Wendell Sellers 9/30/2012

  • signature permalink Farley Avelino * 8/11/2012

    We need those towers back! They were the biggest symbol of NYC, They were the biggest symbol of America! Together we stand and together we’ll get our towers back!

  • signature permalink cheyanna davis 4/19/2012

    my aunt’s and mother’s best friend died on that day. it was heartbreaking and we need to pull together as a nation and re-build ground zero to show ourselves and terrorists that they will not continue to live in fear of what they have done to us. we are stronger than that.

  • signature permalink Timmy Casserly 4/16/2012

    I want the twin towers back!!!!! My uncles died on 9/11 & the “Freedom Tower” is nothing like the real World Trade Center! Towers 2-4 haven’t been built yet, so they should use 2 of the structures to rebuild them. I hope the W.T.C will be back. Politics are just plain out retarded!!!!!!!

    -W.T.C lover for LIFE!!!!!

  • signature permalink edgard ramirez * 4/11/2012

    I lost family i was only 5 please rebuild these two EPIC towers and make them the tallest in the world again.

    TTA Note: NYC airspace restrictions would prevent them from being the tallest, but the tallest and the greatest are not the same thing. They would easily be the greatest and retain that title.

  • signature permalink matthew guerrero * 3/23/2012

    I want to see the buildings like they were before 9/11. I won’t like this desgin of the freedom tower because it dosen’t support america, but the twin towers do. I would like to see them up close and remember who died in 9/11.

  • signature permalink Drew Mesa 2/5/2012

    Even though I didn’t have anybody that died in the towers my family still lost friends and family. My uncle was a passenger on American Airlines flight 77 which hit the Pentagon. I have dealt with all the theories and blatant lies some people produce. My family also lost a friend. I support rebuilding at Ground Zero, I don’t support the Freedom Tower. I wish and want to experience the majestic New York with those twin towers in the distance, not just one.

  • signature permalink Joseph Kessler 12/16/2011

    i want to see what was and bring NY back
    the twin towers didnt have to be back where they were but they should be back somewhere
    someone have the decency to build the twin towers bigger and stronger
    i pray every day that they will be back and the people that died will be at peace
    please god get someone to put them back up

  • signature permalink Paul Davidson * 10/7/2011

    My sister was killed in the North Tower on that terrible day and I believe that the last thing that she and all of the other victims would have wanted is to completely change Manhattan’s skyline, showing the terrorists have succeded in altering us forever. No, they should rebuild the towers and bring back the perfect skyline that was Pre-9/11 NYC. NOT the Freedom Tower!

  • signature permalink Charlie Giordano * 10/1/2011

  • signature permalink Ricardo Escobedo 9/8/2011

  • signature permalink Cameron McCoy * 9/1/2011

    Why did they have to go down! All those people who risked their lives for all those others. We should care for them!

    TTA Note: We agree that our primary responsibility in this country is to properly take care of those who risked their lives. That is what this fight is all about — demanding government that is responsive and responsible, instead of arrogant and dismissive. That is what new Twin Towers would stand for — instead of the middle-finger to the American people our government is building now. We know that the people who are working on it and reporting on it have been badly misled — but when the evidence in “The Swindle At Ground Zero” is released, they’re sure to agree.

  • signature permalink A Supporter in the Middle East 8/9/2011

    As a human all the people lost in 9/11 they are my family so I lost Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Son.

    We are used to see Manhattan with the beautiful Twin Towers and I wish to see them again.

  • signature permalink Nathan Faynzilberg * 8/6/2011

    My Aunt died on 9/11 because she was in the South tower and to put salt into open wounds, she was pregnant too. So I would of had a nice baby cousin. Building the free-dumb tower is just a giant disgrace to my Aunt and to all the other family members that were lost on that day. Having the Twin Towers back would be greater than ever. It would be the perfect memorial for everyone that was lost. I think that since all of the people have gone this far to get them back, why not just let them have what they want, it’s not hurting anybody except those retarded terrorists.

  • signature permalink Rocco Casucci III 6/23/2011

    About three years before 9/11, my family went to New York. The image locked in my head is of the skyline as I saw from the top of the Statue of Liberty, of the iconic buildings draped in a blanket of fog, and the Twins rising into what seemed infinity. Years later, knowing that view would never be the same is too upsetting to think about. The Twins were not just buildings, they were icons tragically taken from us. My family lost a dear friend/family member in the attacks, and he along with the others who were lost, if alive would surely want us to keep carrying on, to remember the past but also keep striving to the future. And in this time, there is no better way to do this then the Twin Towers, built exactly as I and many, and surely the lost, would remember them.”

  • signature permalink Vincent Caruso 5/10/2011

    I have no doubt in my mind, and in my Heart. Those awesome Towers should be built back up, and even a few floors higher this time!

  • signature permalink Jennifer Wiezer * 3/9/2011

    We as americans need to stand together to let everyone know we will not be defeated. The replica of the buildings themselfs would be the memorial where you could visit your relatives or friends that might have died there.

  • signature permalink Chris Monson * 2/14/2011

    i lost my cousin that fatal day on the 90th floor of the south tower, it would be amazing to see where he stood 10 years ago to be on the 90th floor on that corner office, over looking the waters of the Hudson, it would bean amazing tribute to him and everyone else who died that day.
    forever R.I.P. 9/11 victims.

  • signature permalink Laur Wexler * 10/7/2010

  • signature permalink Michael Teegarden * 10/2/2010

    My grandparents and sister died in that horrific day inside the North and South Towers! Rebuild the TTII!!!!! It’s beautiful and breathtaking, somewhat better even than the original Twin Towers. Screw the F Tower, rebuild the TTII!

  • signature permalink Heidi Ring * 9/10/2010

    My aunt was in the twin towers when it come down. She was very cool and Nice also and I miss her very much.

  • signature permalink Christina Reilly 8/24/2010

    Please…I beg of you…do not dishonor my friends & countrymen and women who unknowinly died for our country on September 11,2001. Born and raised in NYC, I’ve got a whole lot of friends & a whole lot of family who will never, ever recover from this day, please honor them by building a tribute to them at the site of their 3,000 deaths. Fewer died on the USS Arizona….use that as an example of how to show respect.

    TTA Note: From time to time we will write to the person who has left a comment if it gets cut off or something about it is unclear, so that once we hear back, we can manually correct it. It was unclear whether this particular comment was for or against new Twin Towers, so we wrote to clarify. This morning we got a one sentence reply in bold, red, 24 pt. letters: YES I AM IN FAVOR OF RE-BUILDING THE TWIN TOWERS!!!

  • signature permalink Renee Tatum 8/23/2010

    When I see pictures/movies of the Twin Towers – all I want to do is encourge NYC to rebuild them! Let us fix the flaws. Prove we cannot be beaten down. Construct a glorious courtyard w/ a shallow reflecting pool, place hundreds of underwater screens that gently flutter names and photos of all the couragous people lost there. Play soft healing music that whispers the names of the couragous firemen and police officials that rushed to action. Water & Music will Rejuvenate Our Souls!

  • signature permalink Jack Tolmich 8/14/2010

    I have a friend who thinks building a mosque at ground zero is OK. I tried to help at the sceen after the attack. I have sinced moved to florida but I will never forget.

  • signature permalink Lorraine Corso 7/19/2010

    I am a native New Yorker and I served in OIF 2004-2005.
    I strongly believe we need to send a clear message to the world that if you knock us down we will get back up again!
    We are New York’s finest and we will not go out without a fight!
    I would suggest that the towers be taller than before with a memorial on site.

  • signature permalink Glare Andrews * 7/6/2010

    The fact that we lost those gorgeous towers was bad enough, now they want to build some mother freakin’ Freedom Tower. We should build the Twin Towers back, bigger and more durable than the old ones, just to show the terrorists that they can’t keep us down!
    We didn’t mess up the Pentagon, we didn’t change it at all, granted it was not completely destroyed, they still did nothing to alter what it was!
    ~Glare Andrews

  • signature permalink William Dietrich 6/1/2010

  • signature permalink Jim Cashin 5/10/2010

    Bring them back, no questions asked. It’s time that New Yorkers got to decide, not politics and companies. The Twin Towers belonged to New York and they still do. It’s the least we can do to honor those who lost their lives. It will be the most fitting tribute to our brothers and sisters who we will always miss terribly. Nothing will ever fill that void but maybe we can restore a sense of hope and home by rebuilding the towers.

  • signature permalink Justin Lazarow 12/15/2009

    My brother told me about this site and I admire what’s going on here. I’ve lived in NYC forever and nobody wants to see that freedom tower up. I just don’t get it, why in the hell is it so hard to put back what was lost? If it was the Empire State or the Statue of Liberty, they wouldn’t be doing this. What is going on? They’ve got a lot done, so I just hope that the struggle is over soon. The terrorists brought down the towers and we can bring down what’s being built now and rebuild what belongs there.

  • signature permalink Sara Lunini * 11/17/2009

    We need those towers back! For my uncle and brother who both died that day in the north and south towers, and my dad who barely made it out of the pentagon! Those beautiful buildings need to be seen by the new generation, and we all need them back!

  • signature permalink matt angelakos 10/16/2009

    The Twin Towers were the most magnificent towers! NOTHING LIKE’M

  • signature permalink Chaz Lazarow 10/13/2009

    I honestly don’t understand those behind the rebuilding process at Ground Zero. Are they blind to what the people want? Most New Yorkers would actually prefer the Twin Towers be rebuilt, including myself. It makes no sense to simply forfeit to the enemy, build a depressing memorial nobody likes, and build a series of out of place towers around it. My uncle worked there and he is outraged by the Freedom Tower. “Unfeasible” my foot. That sad excuse for progress needs to be taken down right now.

  • signature permalink mark barbuto * 10/6/2009

    i would like and be greatfull for the new and improved twin towers 2. somewhere in all my cousins, one was taken. From the first plain that crashed in to the first tower to be hit. her name was cristine barbuto. we never met before but if the new towers went up i would go in the bulding and and get p.e.a.c.e and prayers out in a better way, and not at two swiming pools. AND A FREEDOM TOWER. that is unacceptable for us as americans. please rebuild, mark barbuto jr

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