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  • signature permalink Filipp Kurkov * 11/9/2017

    With all due respect to the new complex of the World Trade Center, in the composition of its buildings there is not such a significant sharpness of the silhouette as it was in the original solution. Powerful character, individuality … this is of course either twins, or a stronger solution than the current one.

  • signature permalink Weston Curnow * 11/23/2016

  • signature permalink Cameron Ernst 11/3/2016

  • signature permalink Dennis Apgar * 12/21/2012

  • signature permalink Nicholas Hetherman * 3/4/2012

    I think rebuilding the world trade center is the best way to make america, america again. With its buildings, structures and towers the twin towers beat all of the towers in the world. The freedom tower is just stupid because why just freedom tower? We all need the freedom towers. All the people lost on 9/11 need something back and that is to rebuild the Twin Towers. New York is New York because of its towers, but it’s not New York now. Why? Because there’s a huge hole in it. It’s not New York with a hole in it.

  • signature permalink Anna Lorenz 2/8/2012

  • signature permalink Joseph Frenkel 10/24/2011

    Dear all,

    I firmly believe that the current design for the WTC site is deeply flawed in all respects: architectural, functional, aesthetic, and spiritual. The one silver lining of the devastating attack NYC suffered on September 11, 2001 was this: we were given the opportunity and the honor to build the 8th wonder of the world, something awe-inspiring, brilliant, and original.
    Since demolishing the new One World Trade Center is inconceivable, I propose a compromise in building it a twin. We could then salvage the image of the original WTC without mimicking it exactly. It would even cost less to build a second Tower One in place of Towers 2, 3, and/or 4.
    Ask yourselves? Do you want a generic office park? Or perhaps something more…

    TTA Note: Demolishing the Freedom Tower is not inconceivable, just as a matter of fact — especially considering the affront to our system of government that it represents — but we are not suggesting that be done. It can be capped and would just become another skyline element — instead of rising to full height, where it would resemble the hundreds of obelisks that rise above the tombstones in cemeteries around New York. The Twin Freedom Tower idea has been persistently suggested, but there is no available space to put it where it would be a twinned structure.

  • signature permalink Bruce Kopytek 1/13/2011

    In the small country of Poland, it was the will of the people to rebuild Warsaw’s Royal Castle destroyed by WWII. Today it stands as a monument to people’s determination, when their culture and nationhood were threatened. A favorite observation regarding the castle’s reconstruction is that it is often considered to be a truthful copy, but “only” a copy of a historic building nonetheless. However, in two hundred years, that it is a copy will be insignificant, because it will be seen that Warsaw was only without its castle for about 35 years. Why not the same for the twin towers?

  • signature permalink Nicole Burgess 11/26/2009

    The twin towers should be rebuilt exactly the same. Freedom Tower is a horrid design; which is not New York or American.

  • signature permalink Neil Waugh * 11/10/2009

  • signature permalink Terrance Jackson 10/21/2009

    I grew up in New York City for the first 14 years of my life, and I can always remember feeling a sense of completion with the Twin Towers being as part of my consciousness. With them now destroyed, there is only ONE answer, put them back! I happily join this cause, and truly hope to see the Twin Towers rise again. I’ve got my own 7’11” Twin Towers out of legos. I couldn’t help it, I missed them that much!

  • signature permalink Victor Cabrera * 10/18/2009

    At first I was side with the Freedom Tower, Its a good tower but not for New York City. America desperately need the Twin Towers back. Taller, Safer, And Stronger for the heart of the american spirit. Im a young architect trying to build my very own Towers in Jacksonville FL, But also I would be glad to help and take my time to sign this petition for New York and Twin Towers.

  • signature permalink Jesse S. 10/9/2009

    I believe that using 9/11 as an excuse to “renovate” ground zero is disgraceful. rebuilding the twin towers is far more noble than creating something different. If we build the freedom tower. THE TERRORISTS HAVE CHANGED THE SKYLINE!

  • signature permalink Drew Morales * 8/7/2009

    It would be fantastic if the original twin towers were rebuilt! This web site is right! IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Besides if those towers are rebuilt, new york would get back the image that americans all over the states love! New york isn’t the same without the TWIN TOWERS. REBUILD THEM, NOT THE FREEDOM TOWER!

  • signature permalink Brus Messinger 6/26/2009

    Absolutely Beautiful!
    This is a national treasure and international icon!

    Near these hollow grounds, build a community…
    Taller, stronger, unified and more inspiring than the original WTC
    Let the architects of tomorrow’s reach
    Exceed their grasp

  • signature permalink mike underwood 3/26/2009

  • signature permalink Joseph Langham * 10/26/2008

    The initial fall of the towers did not effect me as others. When I learned NYC was not going to rebuild I was shocked. As a CAD operator I thought we should rebuild, even connect the two future towers. To see that would move the world.

  • signature permalink Nelson Ramos 9/17/2008

    I am a CAD Drafter in a small firm in Times Square and can’t agree more. Nothing than re-building the towers will let the world know that we are still one big strong country and that they will not chnage us. I say rebuild them right back and also as a New Yorker for the the last 22 years, which is my whole life, it is sadness to look over Manhattan and not see the towers. The towers were a symbol to us New Yorkers and it is not the same without them.

  • signature permalink Arba Veizi Tsakiridis 9/11/2008

    2,974 people (not including the hijackers) died in New York on September 11. I think the height of the towers should be 2,974 feet tall!! Beating Burj Dubai @ 2,684ft by 290 feet. Symbolic for each AMERICAN fatality and being the biggest tower in the world.

    Since the idea of a skyscraper first came from America, the U.S. should have the tallest one today. I want to see America have the first and second tallest.

  • signature permalink Joshua Stephens * 6/12/2008

    we get the towers: we’re showing we are better than them and we will have a lot of jobs. we build Freedom towers: we are showing that we are wimps and that we have no strength and we’ll look at 3 shiny, futuristic towers that show we’re BIG WIMPS.

  • signature permalink Garrett Moon 4/13/2008

    As an engineer and a former Marine I understand both the form and the substance of what the twin towers embodied; I also understand what our enemies were truly trying to destroy on 9-11. We owe those who were lost on 9-11, and we owe it to the cavemen who tried to destroy us, to rebuild the twin towers taller, stronger, bolder and more magnificent and defiant than ever.

  • signature permalink John White 3/8/2008

    Rebuild the Towers! Better, greener, & stronger. The Dresden Frauenkirche was rebuilt decades after its useless destruction near the end of WWII. Why do some Americans lack the resolve to rebuild the twin towers? Why not dedicate a floor in each new towers at the impact location as memorials to those we lost on 9/11. A living museum is what need,not a silly park or a new icon.

    Why do our leaders lack the vision and understanding to do so ? We must rebuild the towers.

  • signature permalink Cindy Manis 3/3/2008

    I am a residential drafter. I love Historical Architecture and would love to see the towers built back as they were, in appearance. But, with better, more solid and safe construction.

  • signature permalink Laurie Miller 11/5/2007

    No other design could ever be (or has been to date) as inspired as the original. The two towers were meant for this site.

  • signature permalink Bob Keller 9/15/2007

  • signature permalink Alisha Lewis 9/9/2007

    If the walls inside the Empire State Building are marble, and the monuments and memorials in D.C. have these kinds of memorials, then why can’t we incorporate the two?

    By engraving their names, and rebuilding our towers, we are saying that we will continue to live our lives the way WE choose, and NOTHING they do can change that, and those lost will be immortalized, and will be a permanent part of the foundation.

    By changing the design, we are admitting that they have an effect on us, that we fear them, and that they can control us.

    So why give them that power?

  • signature permalink Tae Hong 7/2/2007

    I am one of the partners of Yamasaki Associates, the architect of the Twin Towers. We would love to see our building back on NY’s skyline.

  • signature permalink michael murakami * 7/2/2007

  • signature permalink Jay Sasser 7/1/2007

  • signature permalink Timm Boege 7/1/2007

  • signature permalink anna finley * 7/1/2007

  • signature permalink Adrian Fruct, P.E. 7/1/2007

  • signature permalink David Shumaker 7/1/2007

    Replace what was taken away. To those who believe rebuilding would only invite a third attack, I respectfully insist that the issue is not the design of the towers but our resolve to rid the planet of the menace of Islamist extremism. To aknowledge such fear is to understand that there is still much work to be done before we’re truly free. Anything short of rebuilding smacks of concession to the enemy and may well prove to be no more than a monument to caving into fear.

  • signature permalink Kevin Hall 7/1/2007
  • signature permalink Steve Hyde * 6/24/2007

  • signature permalink Alexandra Torres * 6/18/2007

    im an american i think they should rebuild the twin towers because its stronger&nicer than some stupid freedom tower.
    Sincerely,Alexandra Torres

  • signature permalink Sabrina cardoza * 6/18/2007

    i think we should rebuild the twin towers the same as before not a freedom tower. i say rebuild the twin towers the same but stronger.

  • signature permalink Simon Amor * 6/18/2007

    Even though i’m not american, I’m British. I Still Believe that the Twin Towers should Be Built along side the freedom tower. The Twin Towers can represent New York as a strong City that can never be blown down and the Freedom tower can represent a New York that will never stop growing.

  • signature permalink Jeff Steffensen * 4/15/2007

    We are the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. We don’t back down to acts of terrorism, we stand tall. Let the Twin Towers rise again and show a symbolic measure of strength.

  • signature permalink Denny Gornowski * 3/30/2007
  • signature permalink Gadi S Romem 12/26/2006

    Support rebuild

  • signature permalink George Pytlik 9/21/2006

  • signature permalink Veach 8/17/2006

  • signature permalink R. Anthony Steele 7/27/2006

    This was my first thought after the towers fell. We need to rebuild them, taller and stronger than they were before. Nothing will show our resolve more clearly, than to reconstruct what was taken from us on that day, as best we can.

    No other construction or memorial on the ‘ground zero’ site will ever equal the statement that restoring the twin towers will make.

  • signature permalink David Chayes {independent building contractor} 5/10/2006

  • signature permalink Eric Olson 5/9/2006

  • signature permalink Earl Parson 4/27/2006

  • signature permalink Matthew Gaetano 4/24/2006

  • signature permalink Steven Gaetano 4/24/2006

    I miss the skyline, the symbol of this great city. I agree to reconstruction and a memorial anything less will be a shame. Bring it back.

  • signature permalink Chris Potter 4/24/2006

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