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  • signature permalink Ben Lukes 9/25/2023

  • signature permalink Tiago Teixeira 10/31/2017

    I am a portuguese guy and i want the beutifull wtc exactly as it was,because the terrorists will never win

  • signature permalink andrew brown * 6/26/2011

    My grandfather built those buildings with many other brave men. To have them knocked down by a group of spineless jerk offs would be a slap in his face. So lets rebuild, send a message you can break our walls but never tear us down.

  • signature permalink Allan Hernandez * 6/9/2011

    I think it will be great making the twin towers 2. New York is well known for those towers.

  • signature permalink Frank Holguin 9/11/2010

    Yes, build them back please. As citizen of the world, no other construction will do for New York what the original towers will. Bring back the Lower Manhattan landscape.

  • signature permalink Christine Hutten * 8/10/2010

    I have always felt that the twin towers should be rebuilt and correctly this time. I was disappointed when I heard they were not going to rebuild them. I realize that it is a very hard task at hand. It would mean jobs for many people also.

  • signature permalink nyla b * 2/9/2010

    We can rebuild america one step at a time, starting with the world trade center.

  • signature permalink Dennis Walker 11/21/2009

    I worked in the trade center in the early 70’s as a Drywall taper. And I was always proud of that. But most of all we need to rebuild them and not show that we live in fear. If we can spend trillions on this war why not rebuild the towers giving thousands of people much needed jobs here at home. And most of all let’s do it in remembrance to all of those who died that fateful day on Sept 11. 2001. Let’s rebuild for them. God bless America.

  • signature permalink Joey Williams 11/15/2009

  • signature permalink Robert Reklaw 9/7/2009

    I always said that we should show the world we can not be intimadated. If you knock our buildings down we will be them back. If you knock them down again we will build three fold. We are not to show fear, Americans need to stand tall and show the world and our enemies that we will not live in fear..I worked in the trade centers as a drywall taper..God Bless America

  • signature permalink George D'Alessandro 9/16/2008

  • signature permalink Krishna Khadka * 7/25/2008
  • signature permalink michael walker 11/14/2007

    the twin towers are a historic trademark for america. THEY MUST BE RESTORED!!! and to also show u can not bring us down.

  • signature permalink Scott Kern 9/11/2007

    First and foremost as a proud NY’er, I understand and feel the pain with all of those who lost loved ones on that tragic day. As a child, I did not see my father for the first years of my life because he was busy ‘building his towers’. He was a foreman for the cement and concrete union, was on the job for all those years and I didn’t mind one bit. I got to see my dad’s work every day, and HE was so proud of that. Unfortunately, I lost him right after the attacks of 9/11. REBUILD THE TOWERS!

  • signature permalink lisa scotti 9/10/2007

  • signature permalink James Sforza 9/10/2007


  • signature permalink Christopher Bossick 9/9/2007

    Please help the alliance and the people of New York City get back what we miss so much, the twin towers! I was a maintenance electrician at the towers and loved to go to work every day as did those who were fortunate to work there as well. I believe that we would show great strength as a nation by rebuilding the Towers. N.Y.C. union construstion can build a safer, stronger, and better than ever World Trade Center.

  • signature permalink Doreen Ash 8/22/2007

    NY skyline needs the twin towers back. Rebuild because it will send a message like from a famous American Terminator (Schwarzenegger) it will speak volumes of “I’m baaaaaacccck!!

  • signature permalink Ryan Tavano 7/15/2007

    It sucks a whole lot not to see the twin towers.

  • signature permalink Richard Hill 7/13/2007

  • signature permalink Tracy Hutchinson * 7/12/2007

  • signature permalink Matthew Wright 7/1/2007

    Rebuild now!We are the people! Not the press!

  • signature permalink Justin Scott * 7/1/2007

    Carpenters Local 1144

    Lets do it!

  • signature permalink Mark Klaus 7/1/2007

    Rebuild Now!! When I watch movies made in New York after 9/11, it is like a big hole in the skyline and I get angry all over again. People rise up like we all did with Senate’s skewed amnesty bill and get this thing rebuilt.

  • signature permalink Shawn Hutchinson 7/1/2007

  • signature permalink George Pedro 7/1/2007

    My brother-in-law, a Viet Nam Vet (Marine) was one of the masons who worked on building the Twin Towers, this was a piece of his legacy as well as that of many other Americans. Nothing would please this man’s family more than to see his work, his blood and sweat infused in the buildings skeleton, rebuilt in it’s original form.
    Rebuild the Twin Towers!

  • signature permalink Kevin Young 6/24/2007

    I would gladly leave my home and family in Washington State for the time it takes to rebuild the towers. As a contractor it would give me a great amount of pride to be a part of a project that shows the world our determination and will. I say build it and I will pack my tools if you want me. This is the right thing to do.

  • signature permalink Alain Rosellini * 6/24/2007

  • signature permalink J,Edgar Ferreira * 6/14/2007

    my name is j,edgar ferreira

    i want the twin towers rebuild back again

  • signature permalink Eliseo Anaya 2/24/2007

    We have to rebuild the World Trade Center lets just do the best we can to make this come true.Lets not let the freedon tower take the view.Without the World Trade Center New York City is not the same.

  • signature permalink SONJI HAMMOND 2/16/2007

  • signature permalink Elaine Gregory 7/29/2006

  • signature permalink Craig Lionel 7/29/2006

  • signature permalink Dennis DeLay 7/29/2006

  • signature permalink Amy Falcon 6/2/2006

  • signature permalink Michael Cruger 5/26/2006

    We need to get this project up and running,if not THEY have won!

  • signature permalink christopher rosati * 5/17/2006

  • signature permalink david levy 5/8/2006

    as an ironworker who responde a 2:00 pm on 9/11 out of the armery. i think we should go at least 2 storys higher. put the U.N. on the top floors and the new york state setators on the upper floors. please do not let the port athu. re build it the frist time they save us change on the dollar at the cost of the steel industry in america

  • signature permalink John Mowrey * 4/28/2006

  • signature permalink Dan Vazquez 4/28/2006

  • signature permalink Kathy Dolan 4/24/2006

  • signature permalink Linda Ferguson 4/20/2006

    Replace the Twins or the cowards have won!

  • signature permalink John Padovan 4/20/2006

  • signature permalink Catherine Jallim 4/19/2006

  • signature permalink Teri Ellis 4/19/2006

  • signature permalink Craige Banios 4/19/2006

    To do anything less than rebuild equal or better towers is to give ‘heart’ to the enemy. They will continue to count it as a victory in their 1400 year war against all who love Freedom and everthing our Declaration of Independence affirms.

  • signature permalink Daryl Cox 4/18/2006

  • signature permalink lance lovejoy 4/16/2006

    build it bigger and stonger and show how proud we are

  • signature permalink Tony Lloyd * 4/8/2006

  • signature permalink Jeannie Mallory 4/2/2006

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