And The Winner Is…

Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

As the weekend’s Academy Awards reminded us, there are winners and there are losers, but even the so-called losers can be proud of their achievements when there is merit involved. Another facet to winning is that the recogniton is based on consensus. Even when there is more than one favorite, the winner is always popular.

But neither merit nor popularity can explain how the World Trade Center is being developed. Who are the winners and the losers at Ground Zero? Who gains by ignoring the corruption? Who wins by pretending that most people are inspired by the sorry result? And who loses…?


As spire grows higher, 1 WTC is Manhattan’s new skyline centerpiece

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WTC site in flood zone

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World Trade Center classified as flood danger zone in new FEMA maps…

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All’s well again, insist downtown leaders

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World Trade Center High Wire Artist Philippe Petit’s Colorful Advice For A Career On The Edge

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The Glorious Cause

Mt. Rushmore

Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

The presidents on Mt. Rushmore had vision. Their lives were spent shuttling between the mountaintop and the valleys. They sacrificed, they inspired, they endured — as have so many brave men and women through generations of Americans.

President Washington called the United States of America “The Glorious Cause.” President Lincoln urged: “The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.”

President Roosevelt believed: “No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his well-being, to risk his body, to risk his life, in a great cause.

Why do some give so much of themselves, while the rest of us take so much for granted? Presidents Day is a good time to wonder what the Mt. Rushmore presidents would think of the country we’ve become. Are we worthy of all the sacrifice?

New York Times

Risk of Flooding Will Not Alter Plan to Preserve 9/11 Remains

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W.T.C. Progress Update


Developer seeks dismissal of airline’s World Trade Center defense


Antenna Construction Update At One World Trade Center

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Day Is Done


Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

The “conspicuous gallantry” beyond the call of duty that was honored at the White House this week is relevant here for two reasons. First, because so many of the men and women who have enlisted and sacrificed over the past decade have been motivated by the horror and and inspired by the heroism of 9/11. And the second reason is related: Thanks to the bravery of Staff Sargeant Romesha, eight of his fallen comrades were brought home to their families.

What a stark contrast to the violation of the 9/11 families’ right to lay claim to their dead by having a say in where they are laid to rest, which we have been following here. The coverage in the press has been scanty, but the principles at risk are vital for every American. Why hasn’t the media vigorously explored the issues involved? If this doesn’t matter, what does?


Medal of Honor recipient conflicted by joy, sadness


First podium glass installed at One World Trade Center

Downtown Express

Downtown construction to continue but center will close in 2013


Port Authority Denies Sandy Damage Will Delay Completion Of World Trade Center Transpo Hub


N.J. Assembly extends subpoena power over Port Authority

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Justice Denied

Tomb of the Unknown

Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

An appeal brought by a group of dedicated 9/11 family members was denied last week by the Appellate Division of New York Superior Court. The group’s Freedom of Information request for the contact information for all of the victims’ next of kin was denied by the City on privacy grounds. But before pursuing the release under the Freedom of Information Law, the families’ attorney had asked the City to facilitate the contact by doing the mailing themselves at the group’s expense. The Administration’s refusal to do that is hard to justify. What is the City’s interest in preventing a meeting of the minds on such a critical matter?

In a little over 400 words, the five justices unanimously affirmed the decision to exempt from disclosure the contact information for the 2,749 victims’ next of kin. Anyone who reads the brief that was filed by the city’s — perhaps the nation’s — preeminent civil rights attorney, Norman Siegel, has to ask themselves why so many of his arguments and objections were ignored. In their effort to protect the privacy of the family members, whose information once disclosed would be in the public domain, the justices effectively violated their superior right to have a real say in deciding where the unidentified remains of the September 11, 2001, attack on America will be laid to rest.

New York Times

Guy F. Tozzoli, 90, Who Led Team That Built Twin Towers, Is Dead

Washington Post (AP)

Guy Tozzoli, who led team that built World Trade Center in NYC, dies at 90 in SC

The Twin Towers Alliance

Tough Acts To Follow

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Officials: As Construction Site, World Trade Center Vulnerable To Floods

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New York Daily News website earns 2 New York Emmy Awards nominations

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