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Port Agency Tells Store to Drop 9/11 Items

This item establishes how delusional Port Authority officials can be. The reason that there is a giant obelisk in Lower Manhattan, instead of the incomparable landmark that belongs there, is that the Port Authority thinks that they owned the Twin Towers. This story is fresh proof that the people owned the Twin Towers. So now, they are going after businesses that keep the Twin Towers’ memory alive because that keeps alive the recognition that they failed to “make the skyline whole” as Mayor Giuliani promised. They failed to do their duty, they kowtowed to their governors, they cheated the people of their heritage, and they misappropriated billions of public dollars. No wonder they are behaving as if they are bonkers.

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Durst under pressure, could lose share if 1 WTC sales don’t spike

The Record

Opinion: Here’s how we can fix the Port Authority


Port Authority should follow these steps to reform: Opinion

New York Post

New York’s $4B shrine to government waste and idiocy

Bloomberg Businessweek (AP)

NYC’s aging bus terminal to get patchwork fixes

New York Post

Scandal hobbles Cuomo chances of running for president

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The Record

Condition of Manhattan bus terminal is ‘unacceptable,’ says new Port Authority chairman


After seeing for himself, new Port Authority chairman vows to replace bus terminal

CRAIN’S New York Business (AP)

Port Authority proposes extra $90M for bus terminal

P.A. Executive Director Pat Foye finally revealed why the Port Authority didn’t have any plans for expanding the 42nd Street bus terminal: “The dog ate my homework!” Foye said, in effect, at Wednesday’s board meeting. “I had all the plans made — there they were, all laid out — and then the dog ate them! That’s why I couldn’t include them in my recent 10-year Capital Plan. Fortunately, I was able to come up with $90 million today, so we can pretend we’re going to do something about the bus terminal. [bg_faq_start]

“At least the commuters will be fooled for a while. Of course, we can’t actually renovate and expand the bus terminal so commuters aren’t stranded in the wilds of Hell’s Kitchen for an hour at a time as their buses wait to get into our decrepit, Third-World terminal. Heaven’s, no! We have more important things to do with the public’s money. Such as, giving Governor Christie $1.8 billion to rebuild the Pulaski Skyway so he doesn’t have to raise taxes and hurt his image. Oh, and don’t forget the $1.2 billion in loan guarantees we almost gave to Larry Silverstein, on top of all the other money and breaks we’ve given him.

“Oh, and don’t forget the governors’ $1 billion slush fund where they get to use the commuters’ toll money for all those little gifts that keep a governor in office. We couldn’t expect them to use that $1 billion to give us a better bus terminal, now could we? How would they get re-elected? And don’t forget the $3-4 billion the P.A. had to sink into that ugly dinosaur skeleton of a PATH terminal we’re building at Ground Zero. The overruns on that useless vanity project are unbelievable! So how could we possibly have enough money left over to do what we’re actually supposed to do, when we have already spent it all, and more, on what we have no business doing? No wonder I am not prepared! But blame it on my dog, because, honest! He ate my homework!” [bg_faq_end]

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Silverstein signs 100,000 s/f tech tenant at 4 WTC

New York Times

A Mad Dash to Points South

New York Times | Editorial

Gov. Cuomo’s Broken Promises

New York Times

Cuomo’s Office Hobbled Ethics Inquiries by Moreland Commission


Cuomo’s Corruption Commission Finds That Cuomo Is Corrupt


Does Preet Bharara Like October Surprises?

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