March, 2017

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The Real Deal — 3/28/17

Officials worried delays at WTC performing arts center could imperil federal funding

The Record — 3/21/17

Editorial: One inspector general is enough at the PA

Hyperallergic Media — 3/20/17

At the World Trade Center, a Familiar Tale of a Developer Exploiting Artists

The Record — 3/16/17

Editorial: Comprehensive PA reform

Chicago Tribune — 3/9/17

Grand to grandiose: World Trade Center Hub is
overblown, a lesson to think smart

NJ Spotlight — 3/8/17

N.J. lawmakers oppose Port Authority inspector general appointment

Star-Ledger — 3/6/17

Cuomo tries another Port Authority power grab | Editorial

Reocrd — 3/2/17

Mystery swirls as Port Authority cancels meeting

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