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One World Trade Center


Some people honestly think this glass monolith replaces the Twin Towers. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad. Stories about how emotional some people were at the raising of the spire shows how susceptible and gullible and forgetful people can be. The Orwellian Freedom Tower, which is commonly described as the tower that “is replacing the fallen Twin Towers” and claims to be the “tallest tower in the Western Hemisphere” — is a humiliation, a capitulation, and a disgrace.

Anyone with eyes in their head should be able to see through the empty gimmickry. One tower, that is the same height, but around 25% smaller overall, is hardly a comeback. If the official rules are finagled and the Freedom Tower is dubbed the “tallest” by the official arbiter, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, it will show how far we have fallen.

As one commenter in the Daily News wrote, “So if I wear a really tall hat does that make me taller? It is an embarrassment that 1 shorter building is replacing 2 taller buildings and we are supposed to be amazed at this mockery. When did we become people that applauded mediocrity. When will the sheeple see what is really going on?”

Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman was quoted as saying, “If truth be told, this discussion is irrelevant. One WTC will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.” But truth be told, if this tower is as significant as they insist it is, then it is too important for a phony-baloney record that would make us look even more deluded and pathetic than we now do. That is certainly no way to “replace” the Twin Towers.

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New York Daily News

9/11 museum at Ground Zero will charge for admission…

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A Matter of Perspective

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The Twin Towers Journal exists to address the critically important questions about the World Trade Center project that never get asked, let alone answered. Week after week, we bring facts to light that the public and the media can match against what they are being told — because the rosy picture officials want to paint at Ground Zero is contradicted by so much that we have uncovered through the years.

If the questions we pose and the context we provide seem to be nit-picking, keep in mind that nits are louse eggs and must be “picked” to prevent infestation. But the new World Trade Center has been infested with parasites for over a decade — and for that to change, it would take a champion in the press who refuses to duck the hard facts or look away.

Office of the Governor

Governor Cuomo Proposes New Class of Public Corruption Crimes

Governor Cuomo is clearly determined that business-as-usual in New York will never be the same. But Americans have seen over and over that the bigger the crime and the more it costs the people, the less likely it is that anyone will be punished.

Graft and fraud are deplorable. But there is another form of corruption that costs far more, in every sense.

Lying to the public to achieve what the people would reject if they knew the truth — as was and is done at the World Trade Center, for instance — is at least as shameful and far more pernicious.

Until that is understood to be a deeply corrupt practice, it will still all be about what the meaning of “is” is.

New York Observer

Municipal Art Society Thinks Calatrava Deserves a Second Chance

The first sentence in the Observer piece notes that “Santiago Calatrava does not have the best reputation when it comes to designing practical public works.” His “budget-busting” is a given and the WTC transit “hub” is his most expensive project worldwide.

So the question has been all along, why would any public authority feel free to commit public funds to such a grandiose scheme? And why should the public believe that the Port Authority’s “executive sessions” — where the Commissioners do all their damage — are closed to the public to protect the public?

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Readers sound off on… A tribute to what we lost on 9/11

It is wonderful how the Daily News keeps focusing attention on the WTC Sphere. We continually hear how complicated everything is at the site, but this letter highlights how simple it can be to do the right thing.

WTC Takes Shape from Towers to Tunnels

New York Times

Letter to the Editor: 9/11 Victim’s Remains

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Sifting at Staten Island’s Fresh Kills has yielded 53 potential human remains

The two 9/11 family members’ letters are not just a rebuke to the man who runs the city. Why haven’t the editorial pages been thundering their disgust? The lack of public outcry is a glaring reminder of how coarse our high-tech/low-class “culture” has become.

New York Post

9/11 Memorial goes back on its word, charges reservation fee; victims’ families furious

9/11 Memorial Visitors Bristle at New $2 Booking Fee

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How Soon “We” Forgot

Never Forget

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9/11 Remains Still Found, and Still Sought

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Sifting of Sept. 11 debris for remains begins anew

2 Pieces of Potential Human Remains Found in 9/11 Sifting Operation

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11 years after, WTC debris still sifted for remains


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