Been There/Done That

Final Beam Hoisted 1971

The image above is over forty years old but the excitement of topping out the tallest tower on earth, with another one just like it rising, too, is easy to imagine. The World Trade Center was the earthbound equivalent of the moon landing. Now, lifting the final beam to the top of a building that can only claim to be the tallest tower in New York, standing next to a building half its size, is nowhere near the thrill because we’ve been there and done that — only better. It’s so easy to imagine the sense of triumph and jubilation that would have greeted the real thing. We, the people, have been robbed.

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…. Steel Beam Signed By President Obama Raised To Top…

Asbury Park Press

Port Authority delays release of second audit report

This is classic Port Authority — put off a report that was due in June until the dead of summer. It is a year since they used the same tactic to suddenly raise the tolls. They apparently never learn.

The Real Deal

Florida pol says GSA, in signing WTC lease, acted without approval

If it was a responsible use of taxpayer dollars, the GSA would not have put off signing the lease for five years. Senator Schumer had the power to force the issue, but that doesn’t make it right for the American people.

The Record

West Virginia senator’s letter rips Port Authority executive


U.S.Senators: Port Authority Exec Was ‘Argumentative,’ Lacked ‘Civility and Decorum’

If the new-and-improved Port Authority is really interested in transparency, why don’t they just come clean? Clean is clean. No one brushes one tooth or scrubs one hand. It is disturbing that they still don’t seem to get it.

Silverstein Adds to Polish Acquisitions

Silverstein Properties has spent the last ten years cashing in on its cachet, while plundering the public purse. Larry Silverstein was a second-tier developer — at best — who is now riding high thanks to his status at Ground Zero. While he just bought two historic buildings in Poland as part of a $666 million joint venture, and develops towers in China, the metro commuters are paying his toll at the World Trade Center. Why isn’t anyone asking WHY?!!!

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Stormy Weather

Lower Manhattan in June 2012

Photo: The Twin Towers Alliance

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New Hitch In Ground Zero Plans: No Takers

The Real Deal

WTC complex progress stalls amid slow office leasing environment

That’s odd… The new hitch is the same as the old hitch…

The Real Deal

As toll hikes meet resistance, PA faces tough choices

This is the first time that we have read in print what has been clear from the beginning: If the PA has to rollback the toll hikes or even just defer the next phase, it will cause tectonic changes that will radically alter the agenda at the WTC.

Federal Times

GSA lease at One World Trade Center sparks spat with lawmakers

The Record

Philip Kwon, rejected N.J. Supreme Court nominee, scores a top Port Authority job<

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Time to return ‘The Sphere’

Everyone should be choosing sides on this issue because it is a very reliable barometer of the resistance to common sense and common decency that prevails in the Bloomberg Memorial/Museum…

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United We Stand…

New York 1 Inside City Hall

All of the controversy swirling around the museum could be easily resolved if there were any follow through in the media. The two representatives of 9/11 Families in the video below make statements that need to be examined and discussed. They cannot both be right. The issues raised are not matters of opinion. Getting to the truth — separating fact from fiction — is the only way to resolve the critically important issues surrounding the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

NY1 Online

Family Members of September 11th Victims Debate Control of Memorial

9/11 Google Group

Setting the Record Straight re: the 9/11 Memorial Museum at GZ

New York Times

On 9/11, Remembrance, but No Leadership

Controversy Continues To Surround Memorial At World Trade Center Site

The Wall Street Journal

9/11 Memorial at Center of a Tussle

The Star-Ledger

Port Authority cooperating with congressional investigation, officials say

The Port Authority of NY & NJ


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Rest in Peace

JFK Grave at Arlington National Cemetary

The image below is of President Kennedy’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery. Now that the fate of the Koenig Sphere is up in the air — and the planned internment of the unidentified remains of 9/11 victims in a crypt deep within the Museum is causing great concern — it is pictured here (and linked to the Sphere) to help readers envision how appropriate it would be to return the Sphere to its place on the WTC grounds, near the entrance to the Museum, along with the eternal flame that was lit on 9/11/2002, to honor and mark the remains at ground level.

Why shouldn’t families and visitors be able to pay their respects on the Memorial plaza? Shouldn’t that observance be at the heart of this memorial? Instead of taking offense at the criticism, shouldn’t Memorial officials be open to improving on what was originally planned? Isn’t the current Foundation’s lack of objectivity and the Board’s proprietary attitude over something that belongs equally to all citizens the real reason behind the calls for the National Parks Service to step in?


Families Want Park Service To Take Over WTC Memorial

Days after the “9/11 Families and Parents” group issued a press release calling for the Port Authority to negotiate directly with the Parks Service, the only place it seems to have appeared is in TheNonProfit Times. What is going on? The same thing that has been going on for the last ten years…

Downtown Express

9/11 Museum: Time for leadership

Editorial calls for “leadership” to resolve differences seem to imply that the resolution should be imposed, but that lack of respect for the popular will has pock-marked Ground Zero. In a democracy, leadership requires first looking into where most people want to go and then finding the way to take them there or persuading them to go elsewhere.

New York Times

9/11 Memorial Bars Elected Officials From Speaking at Ceremony

NBC New York

Feuding Over 911 Memorial Dishonors Victims

This is a good example of how the right end cannot justify the wrong means. Of course the memorial ceremony should be free of politics — and as moving as it possibly could be. In years past, officials were given poems and Bible passages to read like solemn karaoke performers. Giving elected officials a minute to say what is in their hearts might yield some duds, but it would probably also yield some very stirring, uplifting, moments.

But this year, no one will speak, except for the reading of the victims’ names. How did Mayor Bloomberg become the sole arbiter of 9/11? Fortunately, it was not the Mayor of Gettysburg who was in charge of the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in November, 1863; it was the Governor of Pennsylvania.

New York Times

Out of Context

The ancient Greeks and Romans put their heroes on pedestals — not only to honor them, but to inspire others. They were not banished into underground caves. A museum that tells the innocent victims’ story will be a wonderful treasure for all of us — but it reflects poorly on us as a nation that eleven years after September 11, 2001, there is no bronze statue to the memory of all the heroes who bravely responded that hellish day. It should be the first thing people see when they enter the memorial grounds. And then along the western perimeter of the site, the flags of all the citizens who died on 9/11. That would not “compromise the integrity of the memorial design” — that would reflect the integrity of the nation that mourns them.

CBS Local (AP)

Study: Sept. 11 Most Memorable TV Moment

New York Times

World Trade Center Transportation Hub Assumes Its Sinuous Form

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A Scar for the Nation

United We Stand

Mike Kelly’s column in The Record ends by noting that “Ground Zero is not a piece of New York. It’s a scar for the nation.” The New York Post piece — and particularly the comments that follow it — show how divided we are at Ground Zero — how unwilling to respect different opinions and learn from each other — and that’s the most awful scar of all.

The Record

Kelly: Squabbling stalls Ground Zero museum

New York Post

9/11 families say National Park Service should take over…

The Star-Ledger

AAA says Port Authority violating federal law…

New York Post

GSA lease for 1 WTC held hostage by Fla. lawmaker

New York Post

1 WTC blame game

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