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November, 2016

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The Real Deal — 11/23/16

Sky-high grime: Durst can’t wash windows of 1 WTC

New York Times — 11/29/16

Cross Takes Its Place, Temporarily, Atop Shrine at World Trade Center

CRAIN’S New York — 11/27/16

Fight over the future of the Port Authority gets personal

CRAIN’S New York — 11/18/16

Port Authority Vice Chairman Steven Cohen abruptly resigns

New York Post — 11/20/16

9/11 Memorial and Museum loses $25M in first full year

CBS New York — 11/18/16

Judge Dismisses AAA’s Lawsuit Against Port Authority Over Use Of Toll Money

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September, 2016

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Forbes — 9/12/16

Who’s Got The Billions To Buy 1 World Trade Center?

New York Daily News — 9/11/16

15 years of mourning, memorializing and rebuilding after 9/11: What went wrong

Observer — 9/11/16

How the Pain of 9/11 Still Stays With a Generation

USA Today — 9/11/16

1,113 families still have no real confirmation of 9/11 deaths

The Record — 9/9/16

Kelly: Five portraits of lives forever changed by 9/11

New York Daily News — 9/9/16

The 9/11 attacks robbed New York’s skyline of its swagger
— and the rebuilding failed to get it back

Curbed NY — 9/7/16

The presence and absence of the Twin Towers, in photos

CRAIN’S New York — 9/6/16

Out of the ashes of the Twin Towers, the World Trade Center site is reborn

Curbed NY — 9/6/16

One World Trade Center sale could prove challenging for Port Authority

CRAIN’S New York — 9/4/16

Selling 1 World Trade Center

City Journal — 9/3/16

Let’s Break Up the Port Authority

The Real Deal — 9/2/16

New WTC doc asks: Was rebuilding the site worth the cost?

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July, 2016

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Tribeca Trib — 7/23/16

Port Authority to Put ‘Sphere’ in Liberty Park, Across from Memorial

Downtown Express — 7/22/16

Port Authority votes to move Koenig Sphere to Liberty Park

DNAInfo — 7/21/16

Koenig Sphere Moving to WTC Liberty Park, Port Authority Says

New York Times — 7/21/16

Enduring ‘Sphere’ Sculpture to Return to World Trade Center Site

New York Times — 7/21/16

Port Authority Overhaul, Way Overdue | Editorial

The Record — 7/19/16

Port Authority chairman demands N.Y. Gov. Cuomo OK agency CEO

New York Daily News — 7/3/16

A no-touching tribute: WTC statue out of hand

New York YIMBY — 7/2/16

It’s Time To Bring Back Norman Foster’s Design For 2 World Trade Center

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June, 2016

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amNewYork — 6/30/16

Liberty Park opening at World Trade Center raises question of Koenig Sphere’s placement

Downtown Express — 6/30/16

WTC Sphere set to move to Liberty Park

New York Times — 6/29/16

Ronald Perelman Donates $75 Million for Arts Complex at World Trade Center Site

New York Times — 6/27/16

Touches of Whimsy at World Trade Center’s Liberty Park

New York Daily News — 6/23/16

3 World Trade Center tops out with 2-ton bucket of concrete

City Journal — 6/6/16

Bloated, Broke, and Bullied

Crain’s New York — 6/2/16

Is One World Trade Center hot? Financial services firm’s move there signals yes

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May, 2016

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Tribeca Trib — 5/31/16

Port Authority Said to Seek Support for New WTC ‘Sphere’ Site

New York Times — 5/27/16

3.3 Million Were Expected at Trade Center Attraction; a Million Haven’t Shown Up

New York Daily News — 5/26/16

The PATH not taken: In downtown Manhattan, New Yorkers can visit
a monument to massive Port Authority waste

Wall Street Journal — 5/23/16

9/11 Museum a Tough Sell for New Yorkers

Star-Ledger — 5/20/16

“Christie should do the right thing with Port Authority reform | Opinion”

Commercial Observer — 5/17/16

Queens Native Constructs Mini-Manhattan Model With 37,000 Buildings

PropertyWeek.com — 5/13/16

A New York state of mind: Larry Silverstein interview

New York Post — 5/4/16

Silverstein Properties leaning towards BIG 2 WTC design

New York Post — 5/1/16

Port Authority exit is the latest blow for Cuomo

New York Daily News — 5/1/16

Port Authority Police union chief: Director Patrick Foye ‘misrepresenting the truth’
about heightened security at terror targets

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