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April, 2016

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New York Post — 4/29/16

Patriotism was banned from the 9/11 Memorial a long time ago

The Record — 4/27/16

N.J. lawmakers call on Christie to sign Port Authority reform bill

Crain’s New York — 4/18/16

Money for nothin’

Crain’s New York — 4/11/16

Port Authority pays for old Condé Nast office to sit empty

The Real Deal — 4/8/16

Port Authority plan could free up $7.5B for capital projects: Moody’s

The Record — 4/7/16

Port Authority reform bill headed to Christie’s desk

The Real Deal — 4/1/16

The ‘Path’ to $4 billion

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March, 2016

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Commercial Observer — 3/16/16

After Its Dream Tenant Bailed on 2 WTC, What Happens to Silverstein Properties’ Tower?

Miami Herald — 3/11/16

Ground Zero’s new transport hub: Crash landing or ‘dove of peace’?

New York Times — 3/2/16

Trade Center Transit Hub Draws Mixed Reviews, From ‘Turkey Carcass’ to ‘Angels’ Wings’

New York Times — 3/2/16

Santiago Calatrava’s Transit Hub Is a Soaring Symbol of a Boondoggle

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February, 2016

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New York Post — 2/28/16

Where are the stores in the World Trade Center’s $4B hub?

New York Times — 2/24/16

Oculus, Centerpiece of Transit Hub and Selfie Magnet, Is Set to Open

New York Times — 2/23/16

Subdued Opening Set for $4 Billion Transit Hub Called a ‘Symbol of Excess’

Gothamist — 2/23/16

Port Authority Crippled With Self-Loathing Over $4 Billion WTC Transit Hub

PoliticoNewYork — 2/22/16

Port Authority declines to celebrate Calatrava-designed transportation hub

New York Post — 2/21/16

World Trade Center’s $4B transit hub is a lemon

BloombergBusiness — 2/19/16

World Trade Center Project Cost to Be at Lower End of Estimate

The Real Deal — 2/12/16

Silverstein talks 2 WTC, languishing luxury market

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January, 2016

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City Journal — Winter 2016

The Port Authority Leviathan

Downtown Express — 1/29/16

Letters: Week of Jan. 28, 2016

New York Post — 1/24/16

Why the Port Authority is an unmanageable mess

Tribeca Citizen — 1/21/16

Nosy Neighbor: Why Does 1 World Trade Center Look So Unfinished at Night?

The Real Deal — 1/21/16

Murdoch snub exposes Silverstein’s 2 WTC dilemma

The Record — 1/21/16

North Jersey Media Group sues Port Authority; says agency violated public records laws

Downtown Express — 1/20/16

Fate of WTC Sphere keeps turning

NJ Spotlight — 1/19/16


The Record — 1/17/16

Port Authority job not for faint of heart, past leaders say

Crain’s New York — 1/15/16

Fox, News Corp. back out of move to 2 World Trade Center

The Record — 1/14/16

State Senate committee advances bill to bolster oversight of Port Authority

The Tribeca Tribune — 1/12/16

‘The Sphere’ from 9/11 Is No Closer to a Home

Associated Press — 11/22/15

Hudson tunnel: Is oft-maligned agency up to the challenge?

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