The world was robbed of the 21st-century Twin Towers most of us always wanted.

Click above for more comments that rebuke the cynicism that tried to replace the Twin Towers and failed.

The world was robbed of the 21st-century Twin Towers most of us always wanted.

Click above for more comments that rebuke the cynicism that tried
to replace the Twin Towers and failed.


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  • signature permalink Sebastian DeCardona * 10/1/2022   All Other NY & NJ Residents

    I message my future self here to one day revive the New York skyline. I am hopeful that this will be accomplished with double the height of the original World Trade Center complex, showing the strength and pride that is displayed on every American’s faces. I also do believe in the remembrance of the victims of 9/11, in which I would say that the current “One World Trade Center” can be used as not only a tribute of those who have died, but as a replacement for the 9/11 museum and still plenty of space to offer. For now though, my plans for the future ahead of us are to divide the “One World Trade Center” in half and rebuild WTC 1 & 2 into double their initial height to rise up to an incredible altitude of 2,736 feet. A statement for the city of New York built into itself. God Willing.

  • signature permalink Cesar Sebastian * 9/25/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

  • signature permalink Vin Ducey 9/17/2022   All Other Americans

    I’m an american citizen with an idea about potentially rebuilding the Towers next to the memorial, as a young person who hasn’t witnessed these 2 buildings that symbolized the US and the City of NYC, I personally agree that these towers should be rebuilt but stronger and 5 stories taller than the originals. After the 9/11 tragedy that took down the Twin Towers and left a huge hole in America’s heart, millions wanted these towers rebuilt after their destruction as they were represented as a symbol of the United States and NYC. Even Trump wanted these Towers rebuilt back in 2005 and Silverstein, Port Authority of NY and the people of NYC should do the right thing and we send a huge message that were still here. We don’t never accept defeat to terrorism. also visit with plans.

  • signature permalink Grayson Hiller * 9/16/2022   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Josiah Yanuska * 9/11/2022   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Raul Perancho * 9/10/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

  • signature permalink Brandon Overby * 9/3/2022   All Other Americans

    The freedom tower is a modernized and over all safer version of the original North tower to my view so naturally I expected there to be a second freedom tower erected next to it but instead there’s been a bunch of pointy spike like things a Lego block display and now something else stupid I don’t believe the reflecting pools should ever be filled but I believe the freedom tower should have a twin to restore the skyline in some way as it would effectively give the twin towers to the country once more and twin towers that can never fall as the originals did

  • signature permalink Brian Martinez * 8/26/2022   All Other Americans

    Bring back the twin towers in all their glory!

  • signature permalink Angelo Carrubba * 8/12/2022   Metro New Yorkers

    I am a Native New Yorker, I want the world famous skyline Back.

    The skyline is not the same. It doesn’t look like New York.

    God bless America and peace to all New York.

  • signature permalink Joshua Cope * 8/7/2022   All Other Americans

    The NYC Skyline has never been the same since 9/11. The New WTC built is bland and too modern and does little to incorporate the old designs of the original WTC; besides, I felt the reconstruction excluded many new yorkers and average Americans, and only the ones who owned the complex had a say, I believe that was wrong, I believe we should have had more of a say, it was totally possible to rebuild the towers, without disrespecting those who died, and it appears it still is, I would love to see the old skyline restored.

  • signature permalink Aaron Jones * 8/3/2022   9/11 Families & Close Friends

    The iconic Twin Towers were a symbol of Freedom and international Trade and I believe they should Be Rebuilt immediately

  • signature permalink Tanya Renay Marinelli 7/24/2022   Metro New Yorkers

    We were robbed of those two beautiful magnificent buildings. They were more then just two buildings they were castles in the sky that housed our special cargo all our beautiful people. Twins rest in peace.

  • signature permalink Cristobal Luquez 6/24/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

  • signature permalink Karla Burkich * 6/23/2022   All Other Americans

    We Need The Twin Towers Back They Represent America The Most And They Always Will We Need These Towers To Shine in New York And Represent Who We are As The People And To Represent The Victims Of 9/11 And The Only Way To Do That Is To Bring Back The Twin Towers Of The World Trade Center And Bring Back The Better Skyline.

  • signature permalink Lukáš Hála * 4/17/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

    Hello dear Twin Towers Alliance, i really appreciate your suggest about rebuilding Twin Towers.
    It’s awesome idea, and i wish you good luck that it will happen. I am 20 years old guy born in Czech republic, i was born 8 months after 9/11 (june 2002), and as everyone else kids born in early 2000s, we saw those building in movies or on pictures. And it’s so sad we didn’t saw them in real life.
    And i wish that, they will be rebuilded. It still the most significant, and most awesome skyscrapers ever build.
    I was in NY back in 2013, and it was different. I was so sad, when we visit 9/11 memorial. I bought book about history of twin towers. So i hope during my life, or my children will see this awesome structures.

  • signature permalink Eduardo Agustín Hernández Méndez 4/10/2022   Citizens of Other Nations

    Translation: Why try the impossible, why follow your dreams? Well, because that was exactly what the original WTC meant, a marvel, the dream of every city, of every builder, of every worker. Then as soon as the twenty-first century arrived, it disappeared to be replaced by glass buildings. However, memory and memory never dies, the essence and meaning of the WTC’s golden site are those Twin Towers, nothing else will be able to return that power. Destroy them and tear down an entire country, rebuild them and prove to your enemies that they will never win, an opportunity for the world, something to admire. The impossible with effort becomes possible. 20 years have passed, the world is no longer in the same fear of those buildings, people clamor for the return of their glorious icon.

    ¿Porque intentar lo imposible, porque seguir tus sueños?
    Bueno, porque eso fue exactamente lo que significo el WTC original,toda una maravilla, el sueño de toda ciudad, de todo constructor, de todo trabajador.
    Luego apenas llegar el siglo XXI desapareció para ser reemplazado por edificios de cristal.
    Sin embargo, el recuerdo y la memoria nunca muere, la esencia y el significado de sitio dorado del WTC son esas Torres Gemelas, nada más podrá devolver ese poder.
    Destruirlas y tiras abajo todo un país, reconstruirlas y le demostrarlas a tus enemigos que nunca ganarán, una oportunidad para el mundo, algo que admirar.
    Lo imposible con esfuerzo se vuelve posible, han pasado 20 años, el mundo ya no le tiene el mismo miedo a esos edificios, la gente clama por el retorno de su glorioso icono.

  • signature permalink Juan Garcia 2/23/2022   Metro New Yorkers

    The original Twin Towers should be rebuilt in beautiful glass and same height as the old ones!
    The current one WTC might look good in a different part of NYC but not at ground zero!
    The design of the new 2 WTC proposal is an insult to all Americans and needs to be scrapped! Putting a building that looks like boxes falling over next to 1 WTC that looks like a pyramid would be ultimate insult!

  • signature permalink Yahor K * 1/6/2022   Metro New Yorkers

    I always would have wanted to visit the twin towers.
    I am very sad about the new complex, the main looks nice but very boring, its taking more than 20 years to complete, 2 towers can’t even get built, and 6 world trade center is missing.
    I want the tower to be rebuilt as whenever I look at pictures, they always show me american power and freedom.

  • signature permalink Monica Williams 12/20/2021   All Other Americans

    I was never truly satisfied with how they dealt with the WTC site after rebuilding. The twin towers was an icon of America’s greatness and was an iconic part of New York’s skyline and it was forcibly taken away from us. What we got in its place is an inferior replacement that im sure in time will be nice in its own way but will NEVER be as great as the twin towers. America was damaged by this and the 1 tower shows. Trump was right when he said if we dont rebuild the twin towers the terrorists win, because it sure feels that way now…

  • signature permalink Kamil Proszkowiec * 12/17/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

    Hello! I want old WTC to be rebulid and here I am gonna tell a bit about me to show you why I care so much about it. I am 17 years old from Poland. I never was in US yet. I didnt even live when WTC was standing. But I love NY and I love US. There are two countries I love: Poland and US. And I am also historian. I saw many videos of old NY. And you can see that in years 1993-2001 (before 911) were Golden years of US. WTC was beatifull and big sing of US power. And people around were happy. Ofcourse world wasnt perfect. Just watch some archives of old tv news of that era and you will see what I mean. I am not saying new WTC 1 is bad. But when I see how bad looks both designs of new WTC 2 and that it wont be as big as first tower is just sad. I want to see old WTC be rebulided. I love you US.

  • signature permalink Jonathan Cubero * 12/4/2021   All Other Americans

    I like the twin towers. The one world trade center looks ugly.

  • signature permalink Benjamin Perks * 11/29/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

    I was very young at the time the Towers fell at 4PM BST on September 11th 2001.
    Since that day, I have wanted to visit NYC to view the memorial, but as an adult, I find Freedom Tower an ungainly eyesore. Twin Towers Phoenix would have been the better project for rebuilding the Towers, and the old frames would have been a fitting open air memorial to the innocents who died that tragic day. It would have been the perfect way to say “We’re back, and we’re not going anywhere.”

  • signature permalink Quentin Richardson 11/13/2021   Metro New Yorkers

  • signature permalink Ryan Butler * 11/10/2021   All Other Americans

    America needs this now more than ever.

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  • signature permalink Salvatore Napolitano * 11/1/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

  • signature permalink Jesse Gibbs * 10/26/2021   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Jonathan Ciora * 10/24/2021   All Other Americans

    The Twin Towers should have been rebuilt bigger and better. The lone tower just doesn’t compare. It leaves the skyline feeling void of the American strength and resilience that the towers symbolized. It’s sad and I hope it will be corrected someday.

  • signature permalink John Hill * 10/23/2021   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Joseph Dunford 10/22/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

    I have grown up watching the wonderful old Twin Towers in films such as Stuart Little, Armageddon, and Home Alone 2, and I truly feel the same as many others globally that the Twin Towers are the true icons not only of New York but of all America and represented a peaceful nation that gave benefits to mankind in contrast to the profit-hungry state that invaded Iraq and Vietnam. And thus verily, I believe too that the best way to really pay tribute to the victims of 9/11, and defy the awful terrorists who were emboldened by the Deep-State’s globalist pillages and foreign wars and learnt the skills they needed to commit the attacks in the first place, is to rebuild the Twin Towers in their full glory adjacent to the Memorial Pools and cut out the obelisk eyesore of a new tower. Twin Towers ????

  • signature permalink Max Speicher * 10/13/2021   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Eric Aponte * 10/11/2021   All Other Americans

    These beautiful phenomenons should be brought back to really show the full power of the United States economic power.

  • signature permalink Mr Alt * 10/9/2021   All Other Americans

    The ‘twin towers’ or World Trade Centers MUST be rebuilt. It is the only way in which we can recover from the 9/11 tragedy. Making the two towers stand tall once again will bring America in union and put a smile in the New York skyline. This time the towers should be tall, but retain the same fundamental design of the original World Trade Centre. The twin towers must stand again.

  • signature permalink Owais Gholizadeh * 9/29/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

    I was 13 when 9/11 happened, and I still remember watching the news on tv with my family and all of us being shocked! Although I had never set foot in New York, I was devastated and had nightmares about the towers burning and people falling from them to their deaths for a long time! I condemn any terrorist attack, and I strongly believe that the twin towers should return. Their absence is heavily noted not just by the people of America, but by all people around the world. The twin towers were a representation of a better, happier, more peaceful time/world…a world that we badly need today to live in again.

  • signature permalink Agustín Silva 9/28/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

    Desde chico siempre me ha interesado la historia de las Torres Gemelas, tuve siempre la esperanza de que algún día las reconstruyesen, más fuertes y más seguras, como un símbolo de resiliencia para Estados Unidos y el mundo entero. La caída de las torres significó un antes y un después para la humanidad, pero creo que la mejor manera de sanar la herida que dejó tanta maldad, sería volverlas a ver erguidas como siempre debieron estar.

    Translation: Since I was a child, I have always been interested in the history of the Twin Towers, I always hoped that one day they would rebuild them, stronger and safer, as a symbol of resilience for the United States and the entire world. The fall of the towers meant a before and after for humanity, but I believe that the best way to heal the wound left by so much evil, would be to see them upright as they always should have been.

  • signature permalink Brandon Shuck 9/28/2021   All Other NY & NJ Residents

    The twin towers are the symbol of NYC. I never got the chance to see the towers myself but I would like to see them rebuilt and standing tall once again. Like Donald Trump once said “If we don’t rebuild the twin towers, the terrorists win” The towers need to come back and stronger than ever!

  • signature permalink Patrick Slane 9/16/2021   All Other Americans

    I am tired of only one tower where two once stood and us calling it “a bold recovery.” I am tired of Americans looking down. It is about time we started looking up again. I am tired of us saying “Never Forget.” I choose to say “Rebuild” because I dream of the day when all Americans can say “REBUILT!”

  • signature permalink Gianmarco Fusacchia 9/16/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

  • signature permalink Mike Allen 9/15/2021   All Other Americans

    The Twin Towers were a great tourist attraction and it is as simple as that!

  • signature permalink Aidan A * 9/14/2021   All Other NY & NJ Residents

    The World Trade Center should be rebuilt, as the World Trade Center was, except taller, a lot stronger, and a lot bolder! The skyline seems empty, as if something is missing – because something is missing! It’s what the nation needs, and it is what the nation wants.

  • signature permalink Keith Allison * 9/13/2021   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Beau Beatty 9/13/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

    In wake of the catastrophic consequences of America’s withdrawal in Afghanistan, it seems more appropriate now than ever to heal the wounds of 9/11 with a symbol of rebirth, strength, and honour. The indelible absence of the Twin Towers along with America’s abysmal mishandling of its foreign policy has added fuel to the ever growing impression that America has lost its sense of self determination that served as the driving force behind it’s very founding. 9/11 still casts a long and melancholic shadow over the West that has had a profound effect on the American psyche. But by rebuilding the Twin Towers to their original glory, it would end 20 years of American mourning and start an epoch of rebirth and hope. America’s long road to recovery can begin, with the construction of the Twin Towers. Two Towers, that would serve as a symbol for a new era of America, one that honours the loss of those that died that fateful day, by giving back to the American people an icon that belongs to them. By beginning with raising the World Trade Centre, America can fix it’s gaze to ever newer heights and ever brighter futures. Look up to the stars, America. Your dreams can be as tall as the towers!

  • signature permalink Eve Burrus 9/12/2021   9/11 Survivors & Families

    I have always been a believer of reincarnation. Recently, I did regression therapy and found out that I died in 9/11 in my past life. It was always so obvious, since I was one of those kids who knew about the event before it was taught to me. Being connected to this event, I feel like the new building didn’t do the victims justice. Instead, it presents itself like a bad joke. The only way to do 9/11 victims and their families justice is to rebuild the original towers and do the job right!

  • signature permalink Louis Espo 9/11/2021   All Other NY & NJ Residents

    Although I think that the Freedom Tower is pretty Cool, I Want the Twin Towers back! They are what makes New York’s Skyline complete, I look at the Skyline and wish I could’ve been alive to see the Twin Towers, but no… I didn’t ever get to see them in person… But I signed this petition so I can hope that I can still see them one day…

  • signature permalink Crystal Clark 9/5/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

    They should be rebuilt as a sign that if you do get knocked down you get back up no matter what circumstances. Also they were beautiful buildings and made the New York skyline.

  • signature permalink Codey Gibson 8/26/2021   All Other Americans

    I was 9 years old when the tragedy occurred, I cry with every bit of research I do, but I’ve studied everything in and out all aspects I’ve grown to be so familiar with the twin towers like I grew up across the street from them, I love America and I will forever be heartbroken, I ask everyday why this had to happen to women and children, and hard working men who served our country, maybe not as protectors or defenders, but true American men who deserved protection in they’re beloved country, I tell myself if I were given the option to sacrifice myself to save these towers I would do it a million times, God bless America all the lives lost, forever in our hearts, never forgive, never forget, AND NEVER AGAIN PLEASE. These towers need to stand tall again to show American STANDS BACK UP.

  • signature permalink James Wesser * 8/21/2021   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Kevin Gómez * 8/12/2021   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Nicholas Osborne * 6/27/2021   All Other Americans

    Rebuild the Twin Towers and reclaim their title as the world’s tallest buildings.

  • signature permalink Michael Siverton 6/21/2021   All Other Americans

  • signature permalink Claudia Benassi 6/11/2021   Citizens of Other Nations

    Rebuild the twin towers ❤️???????? I love Ny ????

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